Online Schools that Provide Laptops

Technology and education go hand in hand in the modern, fast-paced world. Access to a reliable laptop is becoming increasingly important as more students learn online. Thankfully, a few recognized online universities understand this requirement and supply their students with laptops. This post will discuss these institutions, their laptop initiatives, and how you can use them.

Online Schools that Provide Laptops

Online schools that provide laptops as part of their educational package aim to bridge the digital divide and equip students with essential resources for effective learning. These institutions recognize that access to technology is pivotal in today’s interconnected world, where digital literacy is a prerequisite for success.

By providing laptops, online schools empower students from diverse backgrounds to participate actively in virtual classrooms, access course materials, and engage in collaborative activities seamlessly. Check the list below for online schools that provide laptops for students:

Centenary College

Free Mac or PC laptops are available to both full-time and part-time students at Centenary. After graduating, students may be able to retain the laptop, but they must sign a laptop agreement. A technology charge, $325 for a PC and $475 for a Mac is included in the tuition and covers the cost of the laptop.

Wake Forest University

Free Lenovo ThinkPad Ultrabook with 256GB SSD, Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Office 365 are available to new students. Preloaded on the PC are all the software and programs required for coursework. The gadget is owned by Wake Forest, but graduates can buy it from the school for $300. Up to $500 in damages will be paid for by the student. Students can also purchase insurance coverage from the school that covers expensive damage costs.

Full Sail University:

students enroll online in the hopes of finding employment in the media and entertainment sectors. Every student is given a MacBook Pro that is pre-loaded with the most widely used applications available in the market. Programs might include Adobe CC, Vectorworks, Final Cut Pro X, SynthEyes, ZBrush, and Auralia, depending on your field of study.

College America:

Tuition includes the cost of a laptop, which is given to students. All necessary software and apps are pre-installed on the PC. Graduates are permitted to retain their gadgets.

In addition to tuition, Full Sail charges a technology fee, the majority of which goes into paying for the MacBook and software. For a preloaded MacBook, undergrads should budget between $3,000 and $10,000, while this cost varies depending on your degree program.

Northwest Missouri State University

For the term of their enrollment, full-time students at NMSU are given a complimentary laptop. The laptop is a 14-inch HP EliteBook 840 G1, outfitted with Windows 7 Pro, Microsoft Office 2013, 128GB SSD, and 4GB RAM. A laptop that is lost or destroyed will cost $1500 to repair.

Steven – Henager Colleges- Murray:

provides free laptops to all incoming students to utilize throughout their time there. The laptop is returned by dropouts and transfer students; grads may retain theirs. The tuition includes all laptop costs.

Bethel University

According to their policy, all undergraduate students at Bethel are eligible to receive a complimentary laptop. As part of this initiative, students will get a Chromebook or a laptop. Pupils risk losing their claim to a Bethel gadget if they don’t pick this up before classes begin.

California State University, Bakersfield:

California State University’s Student Technology Equity Program (STEP) provides a free loaner laptop, iPad, or Wi-Fi hotspot. Interested students must submit an application, which is reviewed on a rolling basis. Additionally, they provide a $30/month high-speed internet cost reduction through their Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Chatham University

Under Chatham University’s Undergraduate 1:1 Program, a 13-inch MacBook Air laptop, a bag, and a protective case are given to every student. In addition, Chatham offers repair, accidental damage prevention, and a 4-year AppleCare Warranty. The student becomes the new owner of the laptop after graduation.

Dakota State University

Every first-year student at Dakota State University receives the newest Dell Latitude 7440, a 2-in-1 laptop with several features, including the ability to write on a professor’s digital presentation, access and organize digital notes, and receive and turn in assignments online. You will receive a reconditioned laptop if you enroll at Dakota State after your first year.

Full Sail University

Students at Full Sail University receive a LaunchBox customized for their field of study. While students in the 3D Arts or Online Animation Degree Program receive a laptop along with animation software and a drawing tablet, those in the Sports Marketing and Media program receive a laptop, software, and peripherals including a DSLR camera.

Benefits of Online Schools Providing Laptops

Enhanced Accessibility:

The provision of laptops ensures that students have unrestricted access to educational resources, regardless of geographical location or socioeconomic status. This accessibility eliminates barriers to learning, allowing individuals with diverse backgrounds to pursue their academic aspirations.

Promotion of Digital Literacy:

Equipping students with laptops fosters digital literacy skills essential for navigating the digital landscape effectively. Through interaction with educational software, online platforms, and multimedia resources, learners develop proficiency in technology usage, enhancing their employability and adaptability in a technology-driven world.

Facilitation of Personalized Learning:

Laptops empower students to personalize their learning experiences by accessing a plethora of educational materials tailored to their interests and learning styles. With internet connectivity, learners can explore supplementary resources, engage in self-paced learning, and seek assistance from online tutors, thereby fostering autonomy and self-directed learning.

Seamless Integration of Technology:

The integration of laptops into the curriculum enables seamless incorporation of technology-enhanced learning methodologies such as multimedia presentations, virtual simulations, and collaborative projects. This integration enriches the educational experience, making learning more interactive, engaging, and reflective of real-world applications.

Preparation for Future Challenges:

By providing laptops, online schools equip students with the technological competencies necessary to thrive in an increasingly digitalized society. From remote work opportunities to digital communication skills, learners graduate with proficiencies that are highly sought after in the job market, positioning them for success in their future endeavors.


In the era of technology, laptop-granting online schools are essential to guarantee equal access to education. Having a dependable laptop improves your educational experience whether you’re studying for a degree in business, healthcare, or any other subject.

Don’t forget to look into the laptop programs that recognized universities have to offer and select the one that best meets your demands.

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