Best Online Colleges for Business Majors

Speaking of colleges, do you know the Best Online Colleges for Business Majors? If you don’t then there is always a chance for you to, when you just read this article. You are going to know all about the colleges for business majors.

Best Online Colleges for Business Majors
Best Online Colleges for Business Majors

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Best Online Colleges for Business Majors

For students who wish to get their business degree online, choosing the right online college can be very tough.

There are also a lot of factors to consider, including but not limited to, class size, professors, flexibility, and of course cost.

This guide will simply take you through every step of choosing an online college that’s perfect for your needs and even interests as a business student.

Online Colleges for Business Majors

Here are the best Online Colleges for Business Majors you should know:

Athens State University

Located in Athens, Alabama, Athens State University is simply a public institution that was founded in the year 1822. Today, it simply has an enrollment of more than 4,000 students and also offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Students can even choose from seven undergraduate degree programs including business administration and also management information systems.

The university even offers three master’s degrees as well as two doctoral degrees – one of which is a PhD in industrial psychology and also human factors engineering research.

The university is also accredited by both the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Most business courses being offered at Athens State University are delivered online with instructors providing students with a wide range of coursework options to accommodate their schedules.

Concordia University-Saint Paul

This online business program from Concordia University-Saint Paul simply offers certificates in four core disciplines and even bachelor’s degrees in business administration and management information systems.

One of only a few accredited online college options for Minnesota residents, Concordia also offers a flexible schedule that just allows students to take classes on their own time and at their own pace.

Many of its undergraduate offerings are simply dual-credit courses that even allow students to earn credit toward both high school graduation and their university degree, reducing the overall time spent in school and also helping minimize costs.

Most Concordia University degrees simply require 120 credits of study spread across three semesters (fall, spring, summer) or two years of full-time work; however, some programs (including business degrees) just only require 60 credits to complete.

Central Methodist University

Located in Fayette, Missouri, CMU is just a 4-year private institution that was founded in the year 1837 and even offers more than 70 majors.

Classes are also only available online. Prospective students can just find information about admissions, tuition, and financial aid on its website.

The faculty at CMU simply holds some impressive credentials, including one professor who has served as a Professor of Economics at Yale University.

Tuition costs $21,920 per year, but 60 per cent of students do receive some form of financial aid.

University of Massachusetts – Amherst

UMass Amherst ranked as one of America’s Top Ten Schools by US News & World Report, simply offers two online programs: a bachelor’s in Business Administration and an MBA.

Enrolling as a full-time student allows you to simply just take advantage of on-campus resources, including career counselling and also internships.

With several class formats available—including synchronous, self-paced, and even weekend options—this program is also ideal for working professionals looking to advance their careers.

University of Massachusetts – Lowell

For students looking to actually get a business degree, UMass Lowell is an excellent place to start. Not only is it one of the best online colleges for business majors, but it’s also affordable and even a great value.

And yet, it even offers everything from undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting, entrepreneurship, and finance to bachelor’s degrees in e-commerce management, supply chain management, and even information systems technology.

The university currently offers 37 undergraduate business majors, 36 minors, 24 master’s programs, and three doctoral programs.

TAKE NOTE: UMass Lowell makes it easy for one to find internships, so even if you are far from campus you will then have access to all sorts of opportunities that will put your future career on track.


What business major is most in demand?

Most in-demand business majors

  • Business administration/management.
  • Logistics/supply chain.
  • Management information systems.

What is the most flexible business degree?

A business administration major is simply one of the most versatile degrees you can get because it simply involves studying many different topics that are helpful in the business world.

Which degree is best for an online business?

Students who simply earn online bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) degrees can also find jobs in management and finance. Bachelor-level business administration degrees qualify graduates for entry-level jobs. Graduates that are interested in executive positions may need MBAs.


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