Online Payment Solutions For Colleges And Universities

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Online Payment Solutions For Colleges And Universities
Online Payment Solutions For Colleges And Universities

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Online Payment Solutions For Colleges And Universities

Most organizations like schools simply need some kind of online payment and invoicing solutions. Even nonprofits need a way to process donations or charitable contributions. The same goes for universities and colleges.

However, there are lots of schools facing the old payment and billing system. Some also have not yet leapt to paperless billing, while others are simply stuck with the wrong paper and even digital technologies that just leave students, parents, or alumni confused and dissatisfied. The good news is that this does not even have to be the case.

Whether your school simply adopts a solution for digital payments and invoicing, or you are just looking at your options, there is also a solution that simply suits your needs and the needs of your students.

Online Payment Solutions For Schools

Here are the Online Payment Solutions For Colleges And Universities:

ACI Speedpay

ACI Speedpay, brought to you by ACI Worldwide, promises faster payments, even better security, and also better student satisfaction. They simply make use of it in schools in the USA and around the world. It also offers a comprehensive solution that lets or allows your school to quickly receive and process payments online, all without the extra work of your overloaded IT team.

ACI Speedpay is also designed to improve student satisfaction, but simply reduce call centre workload by up to 33%. It even reduces document delivery costs and improves security and compliance while reducing associated costs while helping you to pay your fees. It also even integrates directly with Ellucian, Oracle, and Anthology for seamless operation.

Rediker Software

An industry veteran, Rediker Software simply offers plenty of benefits for schools and even universities seeking a digital payment platform. The company’s Billing Plus module is simply designed to just integrate with AdminPlus (an administrative suite of tools) and then bring paperless billing capabilities to schools of all sizes. It even offers a range of other features designed to make life simpler for your admin team.

Billing Plus also offers a streamlined solution for tuition, class dues, graduation charges, and some other records. It also supports custom tuition and that also includes payment plans, while allowing you to simply create branded reports, invoices, or some other billing documents easily. Administrators can also email invoices directly to parents and students; The software even generates financial reports at the click of a button.


Although its system does offer one of the best online payment solutions for schools, SchoolCues is simply a digital payment processing system designed for schools of all shapes and sizes. It is even one of the cheapest options on the market and schools do not have to sacrifice anything in exchange for this opportunity. However, it should be also noted that SchoolCues is simply a comprehensive school management system with an integrated payment module.

The payment module also offers simplified tuition management that simply includes handling late fees. It also accepts multiple forms of payment, including credit cards, debit cards, and even checks. It also integrates with QuickBooks and even provides recurring billing, auto-pay features, over and underpayment reporting, along with a great deal more.


CompuWerx simply offers Tuition Pay—a powerful solution already being used by over 8,000 clients. This robust online payment system can also improve student and even parent satisfaction, and enrollment, improve student retention and further increase school profitability.

This toolkit also offers a wide range of options for schools. For example, you can be able to just send a direct e-invoice for an instant payment lesson. The software is even available on all devices, including smartphones. You can also just set up payment plans, give your students a “quick payment” feature that allows them to simply pay fees without having to log in, and more.


Blackbaud Tuition Management ™ provides “smart solutions for streamlining payments and also income for your educational institution”. This software is being used in private schools as well as in higher education institutions throughout the United States. It’s even accessible across all facilities and also helps create a unique experience for students, parents, and even your office staff.

Blackbaud also allows you to accept multiple payment methods. In addition, it simply allows the creation and management of routine tuition payment plans. Students can just simply pay monthly, semesterly, in full, or otherwise. It also provides specialized fees to help reduce costs.


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