How to Subscribe to Your DSTV

DStv offers a world of thrilling entertainment with a wide range of channels and shows to satisfy all preferences. If you want to watch movies, sports, documentaries, and more, DStv is the way to go.

How to Subscribe to Your DSTV

This article will walk you through the simple processes and multiple options to subscribe, ensuring that you may easily experience a world of amazing television. Let’s get started with your DStv subscription right away.

Nine (9) Various Options to Subscribe to your DSTV

DStv provides a range of payment options, giving you the flexibility to choose the method that suits you best. They include:

  • USSD code
  • DStv Website
  • MyDStv App
  • ATM (automated teller machine) Payment
  • Quickteller Website
  • Debit Order
  • Walk-in Centres or Stores

How to Subscribe to DStv with USSD Code

  • Dial 3899*smartcard number# on your phone to access the DStv USSD menu.
  • Select the “DSTV” option.
  • Choose the specific DStv service you want to pay for, selecting “Proceed” or “Change bundle” as needed.
  • Choose your preferred plan and payment method, such as airtime balance or linked bank account/credit card.

Subscribing your DStv via the DStv Website

  • Log in to the DStv website,
  • Sign in with your credentials
  • Navigate to the Pay link,
  • Choose your preferred package for payment.
  • Proceed to make payment to complete the transaction.

Using the DStv App

  • Download and install the App
  • Log in to the DStv app with your credentials
  • Select your package,
  • Proceed to make the payment to complete the transaction.

How to Subscribe via ATM (automated teller machine):

  • Visit an ATM,
  • Insert your card,
  • choose Pay Bills, select “DStv,”
  • insert your Smart card number,
  • follow the on-screen prompt to complete the transaction.

Quickteller Website:

  • Log on to,
  • select your DStv bundle,
  • enter details, and proceed to make payments securely.

Paying for your DStv subscription is now easier than ever. Choose the method that suits you best and stay connected to the world of premium entertainment.

Debit Order:

  • Set up a debit order for automatic monthly payments.

Walk-in Centers or Stores:

  • Visit DStv Walk-in Centers or your nearest store to subscribe in person.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions on how to subscribe to DStv and their short answers:

What are the Different Payment options for a DStv Subscription?

DStv accepts a variety of payment methods, including

  • The MyDStv App,
  • Online platforms,
  • USSD codes,
  • Debit Orders,
  • and in-person payments at Walk-in Centers or stores.

How can I use USSD codes to subscribe to DStv?

To access the DStv USSD menu,

  • Dial 3899*
  • smartcard number# from your phone.
  • Follow the on-screen prompt to select your DStv service,
  • Choose your payment method,
  • and finalize the transaction.

What is the USSD code for renewing a DStv subscription?

To renew your DStv subscription, dial 3899*smartcard number#. Select your package and payment option by following the menu prompts.

 Can I check and renew my subscription using the DStv App?

Yes, the DStv App has an easy-to-use interface for managing your subscription. You can check the status of your subscription, renew it, and look into other services.

Are there any other options for renewing my DStv subscription?

Yes, you can renew your DStv subscription via

  • Quick teller’s website,
  • an ATM,
  • or a DStv Walk-in Centre or store.

Can I subscribe to DStv without a bank account?

Yes, you can subscribe to DStv without a bank account by using alternative payment methods such as airtime balance, USSD codes, or in-person payments.

How can I know if my online subscription payment was successful?

DStv will send you a confirmation message after you confirm your payment. This mail comprises a confirmation number as well as transaction data.


The evolution of DStv subscription methods has embraced the digital age, offering subscribers diverse and convenient ways to stay connected.

Whether you opt for USSD codes, online platforms, or in-person visits, DStv ensures that renewing your subscription is a seamless and efficient process.

With DStv, your favorite shows and channels are just a click away, providing a world of entertainment at your fingertips.

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