Steps to Change Your GOTV Packages

Steps to Change Your GOTV Packages – Many people in Africa who are seeking a cable subscription-based service choose GOTV as one of their top options. And the variety of GOTV packages that are offered to accommodate various needs and price ranges is to blame. Now, if you want to learn more about Steps to change your GOTV packages, carefully and attentively read this article.

Steps to Change Your GOTV Packages
Change Your GOTV Packages

GOTV Packages

You should be aware that users of the service have access to a range of packages at various pricing points. There are channels accessible in the categories of entertainment, sports, kids’ shows, food, religious material, and fashion. The bouquet you choose will determine how many channels you can view.

The source of African television, GOTV is dedicated to providing family entertainment to the continent. The most local channels created in Africa for Africa are available on GOTV. They provide trustworthy service, so you can rely on them. In every home, experience the digital revolution.

List of GOTV Packages

Below are the packages you can subscribe to on GOTv;

  • GOTV Supa Package: The GOTV experience in Supa-size. More local channels, kids channels, lifestyle channels, novels, and other reasons to love it more than ever with crystal clear picture. The cost of this bundle is $6,500 per month.
  • GOTV Max Package: The GOTV Max package will provide you with the most entertainment possible. packed with movies, telenovelas, tv shows for children, and local and foreign series. ensuring that there is something enjoyable for everyone. With this subscription, which costs $4,850 per month, you may view more than 75 channels.
  • GOTV Jolli Package: Affordably priced entertainment with flexible payment choices to fit your lifestyle is guaranteed by GOTV Jolli. For a monthly fee of 3,300, subscribers can access more than 65 channels.
  • GOTV Jinja Package: Get GOTV Jinja for sports and fantastic programming on channels that are always clear. This plan costs $2,250 a month and includes 45+ channels.
  • GOTV Smallie: Light in cost, heavy in quality. The simplest way to access channels with exceptional clarity is with GOTV Smallie. Subscribers can spend $1,100 per month for this plan, which also includes 35+ channels.

The GOTV Packages that you need to be aware of are listed above.

How to Change Your GOTV Packages

Here is how to change your GOTV Packages:

  • Enter into your web browser.
  • Click the “Sign In” button after choosing your nation, entering your last name, cell phone number, and IUC/Smartcard number.
  • From your dashboard, choose “Build a Package”.
  • Then touch “Next” after selecting the package that needs to be upgraded or downgraded.
  • Click the ‘Pay’ button to continue and complete the transaction.
  • Choose the GOTV payment method of your choice.
  • Continue to enter your information.

You must now wait for the activation of your new package.

Reasons for Changing GOTV Package

You might want to switch your package for a variety of reasons. One reason is that you could want access to more channels because your existing bundle might not satisfy your current demands in terms of the quantity and variety of channels you can access. On the other side, if you can no longer afford a certain bundle, you could choose to change your GOTV Subscription.


It is a cost-effective option that is simple to setup, even though cable service is expanding for several reasons. GOTV provides a wide range of bundles, each with their own benefits. GOTV packages are detailed in this article, along with instructions on how to update your GOTV packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GOTV Cheaper Than DSTV?

DSTV is substantially more expensive than GOTV. Including installation fees, the cost of the satellite dish is significantly higher than the UHF antenna used by GOTV. On that note, you should know that DSTV bundles are far more expensive than GOTV.

How Many Channels are in GOTV Plus Pack?

For the best variety of local and international viewing over 57 channels, use GOTV Plus, which allows you to experience premium entertainment in the convenience of your own home.

How Many Channels are on GOTV Lite?

Low price, high qualification. With more than 20 crystal clear channels, GOTV light is the simplest way to watch your local favorites.

Which GOTV Show all Premier League Matches?

The SuperSport select 2 channels, which carry live premier league matches, are only accessible with the GOTV Max and GOTV Supa packages. As soon as your GOTV max or GOTV Supa decoder has a valid subscription, you can watch live premier league matches.



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