Funny Movies to Watch on iBAKATV

On iBAKATV, are you looking for comedies to watch? Do you need a good laugh right now? Look no further than iBAKATV, where a wealth of hilarious comedies are available for your viewing pleasure. There is entertainment for everyone, whether you enjoy smart banter, strange circumstances, or slapstick humor. We will mention a few of the best comedies to watch on TV in this article.

Funny Movies to Watch on iBAKATV

Funny Movies to Watch on iBAKATV

Without further ado, here is a list of some amusing films available on iBAKATV that will make you giggle;


One of the most recent entertaining and humorous films on iBAKATV is called REPLACEMENT. Two men compete for a woman’s affection; one is imprisoned while the other emerges from the shadows, echoing a sinister past and starting a twisted tale of love and retaliation. One of the suggestions to check out is this one.

The Chase (2023) iBAKATV

If you enjoy watching Nigerian films, I urge you to check out this one as well. The life of a couple is followed in The Chase. It is yet another comedy film available on iBAKATV.

The Other Side (2023) iBAKATV

This is a tale of adultery and pervasive treachery. Roselyn feels betrayed as a side piece progressively drives her to the other side after Jacob’s endless rounds of infidelity. Their union is put to the test and nearly ends in divorce. What will occur after that? How are they going to get past it? Learn more in this intriguing movie.

Deceitful Affair (2023) iBAKATV

When a loving father is forced to choose between being his daughter’s responsible caregiver and an enticing Instagram slay queen looking for a relationship. He sets off on a turbulent romantic odyssey that puts the limits of love, family, and the true definition of a successful partnership to the test. Watch the movie to see what happens. I assure you that this watch is excellent.

Desperadoes (2023)

Desperado is a nice movie to stream on iBAKATV if you’re searching for something to do. In this tale, two pals plot a heist in a last-ditch effort. appreciate their wild voyage in this film; you’ll appreciate it, I promise.

Unexpected (2023)

Another film I would suggest to anyone seeking something intriguing to watch on iBAKATV is Unexpected. It is a path of devotion and faith. You will love viewing this movie, I assure you.

When We Let Go (2023)

A struggling photographer, desperate for a new beginning, finds sanctuary with her long-lost father, only to learn that her haunting past may destroy the very future she is fighting for. Watch to see what transpires in this comedy-filled movie.

Lockdown Love (2023) iBAKATV

Lockdown Love is another movie that you can watch on iBAKATV. Sparks fly when two neighbors are forced to share a wall due to a global pandemic. If you’re bored and want entertainment, you should watch this film.

Isio (2021)

After learning that his purportedly loyal girlfriend, Isio, is HIV positive, Nathan is confused and must decide whether to go or stay with the love of his life. What choice do you anticipate he’ll make? The only way to find out is to stream it, so do that now.

Househelp Again (2023)

This is a continuation of Househelp. In fact, the side-chick and maid Itohan returns in this sequel pregnant and ready to reclaim her position in the household. However, she will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals, and she will be watching the story develop.

That One Night (2023)

After a one-night fling ended in pregnancy, Mena doesn’t seem to know what to do next. Kene is having a difficult time handling a scandalous reap-off. However, this is a fascinating movie that you should not miss.

Hard Knock (2023)

After her Nigerian mother-in-law gets involved, Ifekambo’s marriage is set to fail; it’s only a matter of time until things start to go wrong. What follows is what? This one is recommended if you want to keep yourself entertained.

Findings (2023)

A wife’s revenge is best served cold when she’s had enough of her unfaithful spouse. Joy is a formidable opponent who will do all it takes to uncover her husband’s mistresses and exact retribution. How will she complete her task? Discover in this film.

Ties That Bind Us (2023) iBAKATV

Ties That Bind Us is another film available on iBAKATV. When Zoe learned that her new neighbor, Dami, was her ex-boyfriend, her emotions erupted. But in order to maintain their respective relationships, they must suppress their emotions.

Without Thinking (2023)

Their blissful home is upended by the kidnapping of Julia, Nonso’s wife, and they and their closest friends find themselves in a sticky situation. Did their marriage regain its footing? How did they manage to endure it all? Learn more in this intriguing film.


There are many comedies available to watch on iBAKATV, but we’ve just compiled a short list of the best ones. Please let us know what movie you believe we should have included in the comments section. However, don’t forget to share this post on your social media pages with your friends as well.


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