How to Request for Quickteller OTP to be Sent Via WhatsApp

Quickteller is a major player in digital transactions, offering convenient and secure financial services. Because individuals conduct business online, it is important to keep things easy and efficient.  A vital component of this is how we obtain One-Time Passwords (OTPs), an important security precaution.

How to Request for Quickteller OTP to be Sent Via WhatsApp

Usually, these OTPs are sent by text messages, but some companies, such as Quickteller, use other methods, such as WhatsApp. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can request that Quickteller provide your OTP via WhatsApp and the steps you need to take.

Two (2) ways to get your Quickteller OTP via WhatsApp;

  • WhatsApp on your phone
  • On Quickteller website

How to get Quickteller OTP via WhatsApp on your phone

Step 1: Add the Official WhatsApp Phone Number

Start by adding the Quickteller official WhatsApp number, 07009065000, to your contacts list. This is the most important step in starting the OTP request procedure.

Step 2: Start a Conversation

After you’ve saved the number, open WhatsApp and start a chat with the official Quickteller account. This is where you will make your OTP request.

Step 3: request the OTP

Request the OTP in the conversation using the mobile number associated with your Quickteller account. Ensure that the number you supply matches the one linked with your Quickteller platform.

Step 4: Follow the Instructions

Quickteller will walk you through the process of requesting an OTP. Follow the instructions in the chat to get your One-Time Password immediately.

What you should note when chatting on WhatsApp

  • Only use the official WhatsApp number: 07009065000 is the official WhatsApp number for OTP requests. Quickteller will never ask for your personal information through any other methods.
  • Security assurance: Quickteller prioritizes user security. Rest assured that the OTP request process is designed with your safety in mind.
  • Never Share Sensitive Personal Information: Quickteller will never ask for sensitive personal information via WhatsApp. Be cautious and avoid disclosing such information.

How to get Quickteller OTP via WhatsApp using their website

Step 1: Check for WhatsApp Integration

  • Login into your account on the official website ( ) with your email address and password
  • Check that your account is configured for this feature. This information is typically located in your Quickteller account’s settings or account management section.

Step 2: Linking Your WhatsApp Account

Link your WhatsApp to your Quickteller account. This procedure is typically carried out within the account settings or security settings.

Step 3: Requesting an OTP using WhatsApp

After linking your WhatsApp to Quickteller, go to the section of the Quickteller app or website where you usually request OTPs.

Step 4: Select WhatsApp as your delivery method

Choose WhatsApp as your preferred way of obtaining the OTP. This option could be found in a dropdown menu or a selection screen.

Step 5: Confirm and Receive

After selecting WhatsApp, confirm your choice and the OTP should be sent to your linked WhatsApp account.

Step 6: Enter the OTP

Return to the Quickteller platform after receiving the OTP on WhatsApp and enter the code as required.

Step 7: Complete the Transaction

After entering the right OTP, you should be able to complete your transaction or the action for which you initially requested the OTP.

It is essential to emphasize that security is a primary priority, so always use official channels and follow prescribed procedures when dealing with sensitive information such as OTPs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on how to request Quickteller OTP via WhatsApp and their short answers:

Is the 07009065000 the only official WhatsApp number for requesting Quickteller OTPs?

07009065000 is the only official WhatsApp number authorized for Quickteller OTP requests. Do not accept requests or provide information with other numbers claiming to be Quickteller.

What should I do if I have problems requesting an OTP via WhatsApp?

If you have any difficulties throughout the OTP request process on WhatsApp, you can contact Quickteller’s customer service for assistance.

Can I rely on the security of the OTP request process on Quickteller via WhatsApp?

Quickteller is dedicated to user security. The WhatsApp OTP request procedure is designed to be secure, providing users with a safe and efficient experience.

Can I request an OTP from any mobile number associated with my Quickteller account?

When requesting an OTP over WhatsApp, enter the mobile number associated with your Quickteller account. Maintain consistency to get an OTP successfully.

Is there anything I should be cautious of while requesting an OTP using WhatsApp?

Quickteller places its priority on user safety. Ensure you’re using the proper WhatsApp number, follow the guidelines, and never share sensitive personal information through this channel.


Quickteller is keeping up with the trends, looking for new ways to make our digital transactions even more user-friendly. The concept of obtaining OTPs using WhatsApp, as mentioned above, is simply one example. While this can make things easier, it’s also important to remember to stay safe online.

Always use official channels for major transactions, and be aware of the security procedures recommended by Quickteller.

Quickteller seems committed to making our financial interactions smooth and secure as technology advances.

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