How Do I Use Quickteller Dashboard

Quickteller’s user-friendly dashboard is intended to provide easy navigation and access to various financial services. Whether you want to pay bills, transfer funds, or explore additional services, this is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Quickteller dashboard successfully.

How Do I Use Quickteller Dashboard

Before you can access the Quickteller dashboard, you must register or log in to your account. It can register on the website or through the mobile App. Below is how you go about it:

Log in to Your Quickteller Account via the website

  • Begin by going to the official Quickteller website @
  • Log in to your account with your registered email address and password.

Log in to Your Quickteller Account via the Mobile App

  • To use the Quickteller mobile app, download and install the App for your App Store.
  • Log in to your account with your registered email address and password.

Understand the Dashboard Layout

Take your time to get familiar with the Quickteller dashboard interface. The dashboard often provides an overview of your account, displaying account balances, recent transactions, how to pay bills, how to manage your account and lots more.

Different Services Available on the Quickteller Dashboard

  • Bill payments
  • Fund transfer
  • Airtime recharge
  • Investment and loans
  • Account configuration and account management
  • Transaction history
  • Help and support
  • Login out

Below, we went further to discuss the steps on how to use these above services on the Quickteller dashboard:

How to Pay Bills on the Quickteller Dashboard

  • To pay bills, go to the dashboard and look for the “Pay Bills” or similar option.
  • Choose the type of bill to pay (electricity, internet, etc.).
  • Enter the necessary details, such as the bill amount and account number.
  • Confirm the payment details and complete the transaction.

How to Transfer Funds

  • Locate the “Transfer Funds” section for fund transfers.
  • Select the transfer type (within the bank, to other banks, etc.).
  • Enter the recipient’s information as well as the amount.
  • Verify the information and complete the transfer.

Step on How to Airtime on the Quickteller Dashboard

  • Locate the “Airtime Recharge” or a similar option to recharge your airtime.
  • Enter your phone number and the amount of airtime you wish to recharge.
  • Confirm the information and complete  the recharge.

How to request for Loans on the Dashboard

  • Go to the loan section on the dashboard if Quickteller
  • Explore available options,
  • Request for loans,
  • or manage assets by following the instructions provided.

Account Configuration and Profile Management

  • To manage your account settings, go to the “Settings” or “Profile” section.
  • Change passwords, update personal information, or add and verify contact information

How to Check Transaction History

  • To review previous transactions, go to the “Transaction History” section.
  • Search transactions by date, type, or other criteria to check your transaction history.

Help and Support 

  • If you have any problems or questions, go for the “Help” or “Support” option on the dashboard.
  • For assistance, check FAQs and guides, or contact customer service.

How to Log out Properly on the Dashboard

  • Log out securely after completing your tasks to protect your account.
  • On the dashboard, look for the “Log Out” or “Sign Out” option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on how to use Quickteller dashboard and their short answers:

What should I do if I run into problems when using the Quickteller dashboard?

Check the dashboard’s “Help” or “Support” option for FAQs and instructions, or contact customer service for assistance with any concerns.

 How do I securely log out of my Quickteller account?

To log out securely and protect your account, go to the dashboard and select “Log Out” or “Sign Out.”

 Is it possible to buy airtime from the Quickteller dashboard?

Yes, navigate to the “Airtime Recharge” area,

  • input your phone number
  • desired amount,
  • verify the information, and complete the recharge.

What services are available through the Quickteller dashboard?

The Quickteller dashboard gives you access to a variety of services, such as bill payments, money transfers, airtime recharge, and possibly loans and investments. Explore the dashboard’s options available for a thorough overview.


Quickteller’s has continue to improve its services, the dashboard remains a central hub for a variety of financial activities, providing users with a convenient and secure platform for their transactions.

Its dynamic interface that meets a variety of financial needs. Users can confidently navigate the dashboard, perform transactions, and manage their financial affairs efficiently by following the step-by-step guide provided in this article.

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