FoundersCard: How to Apply for FoundersCard Membership

FoundersCard is an exclusive membership program for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and business leaders. With FoundersCard, members get access to a variety of perks, benefits, and services aimed at helping them succeed in business and life.


In this post, we will explore what FoundersCard is, who it’s for, what members get, and whether it’s worth the investment for aspiring and current business leaders.

What is FoundersCard?

FoundersCard was launched in 2009 by entrepreneurs who wanted to create an exclusive community for fellow business leaders. It operates as a membership program that individuals can join for an annual fee, which gives them access to various discounts, travel benefits, networking events, and business services.

In a nutshell, key facts about FoundersCard include:

  • Founded in 2009 as a membership program for entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Provides discounts on travel, hotels, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and more
  • Hosts exclusive events and networking opportunities
  • Offers access to business services, tools, and content
  • Has around 10,000+ members worldwide
  • Requires an annual membership fee to join (currently $395/year)

The goal of FoundersCard is to help entrepreneurs and innovators grow their businesses by connecting them with each other and providing valuable benefits tailored to their needs. From discounts on services to exclusive event invites, it aims to give founders everything they need to succeed.

Who is FoundersCard For?

FoundersCard is designed for a specific demographic rather than being open to everyone. Here’s a quick look at who can qualify for membership:

  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders – Those who have founded or co-founded a company, with ownership stake.
  • Business owners – Individuals who have majority ownership in an operating business.
  • C-level executives – Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, and other C-Suite leaders at companies.
  • High-net-worth individuals – People with investable assets over $1 million qualify.
  • Accredited investors – Individuals who meet SEC accredited investor standards.
  • Venture capitalists – Individuals at VC firms who are actively investing in startups.
  • Angel investors – Those who actively invest in early-stage companies.

The core criteria is that members should be business decision makers and leaders who are running companies or investing at high levels. FoundersCard vets all applications carefully to ensure members meet these standards.

Benefits and Perks of FoundersCard

The main draw of joining FoundersCard is gaining access to numerous benefits that can help entrepreneurs succeed. Here are some of the key perks that members enjoy:

Discounts on Travel

Members get discounts and upgrades when booking travel including:

  • Private jet service through Wheels Up with a $2,500 flight credit
  • Upgrades and perks with hotels like Marriott, Starwood, and Hilton
  • Discounted rides with Uber, rental cars, and limo services
  • Exclusive pricing on luxury villas and vacation rentals

Savings on Services

FoundersCard has negotiated discounts on over 300 business services including:

  • 25% off QuickBooks accounting software
  • Lower rates on Dropbox, Box and Evernote subscriptions
  • Discounts on legal services through LegalZoom
  • Access to free trademarks and IP filings
  • Lower merchant processing fees with FirstData

Exclusive Events and Networking

Members get access to high-end events to connect with fellow founders such as:

  • Annual FoundersCard Retreat conference
  • Premium golf outings and tournaments
  • Luxury brand previews and launch events
  • Local chapter events in cities worldwide
  • VIP access to sporting/entertainment events

FoundersCard Magazine

Members receive a quarterly lifestyle magazine focused on entrepreneurship, leadership, and affluent living. It includes profiles of innovators, travel guides, and more.

Concierge Service

FoundersCard operates a concierge service for members to help with travel plans, event access, reservations, and any other lifestyle needs.

What Does FoundersCard Cost?

To get access to all of these benefits, there is an annual membership fee required to join FoundersCard. Here is a breakdown of the current pricing:

  • Standard membership – $395 per year
  • Premium membership – $795 per year

The Premium tier has a higher pricing point but comes with more exclusive benefits like higher travel discounts, gifts, executive education modules, and premier event access.

Membership is billed annually and auto-renews each year. New members typically get access to the current year’s benefits and services as soon as they are approved and pay the annual fee. Multi-year discounts are sometimes offered for 2-3 year sign-ups.

Overall the membership cost aims to fit within typical budgets for high-end entrepreneurs and executives who will easily recoup the fee through the savings and discounts. With 10,000+ members paying annual dues, FoundersCard has built a solid recurring revenue business model.

How to Apply for FoundersCard Membership

FoundersCard has an application process for all new members rather than allowing instant sign-ups. This is because they vet each applicant carefully to ensure they meet the criteria.

Here are the steps involved in applying for FoundersCard membership:

  • Visit and click the “Apply Now” button.
  • Select the type of membership you’re applying for (Standard or Premium).
  • Fill in details on your professional background and current role.
  • Confirm you meet eligibility requirements (founder, exec, accredited investor, etc).
  • Provide any requested supporting documents for proof of eligibility.
  • Pay the membership fee to submit your application.
  • FoundersCard will verify your application details through public records, resumes, websites, etc.
  • If approved, you’ll be notified and granted immediate access to benefits.
  • Or they may request clarification or ask for additional documents if needed.

Expect 1-2 weeks to get through the review and approval process. FoundersCard ultimately wants to verify all members are business leaders who will contribute value to the community.

Is FoundersCard Worth It for Entrepreneurs?

For founders and executives focused on rapid growth and scaling their company, FoundersCard can provide high potential ROI if you maximize the benefits available:

Valuable Savings – The discounts on travel and services typically outweigh the membership fee for most members. Saving 25% on QuickBooks or 10% on hotels adds up fast.

Elevated Lifestyle – Member-only events, travel perks, and entertainment access helps you maintain an affluent lifestyle amid business growth.

Exclusive Network – Connecting with fellow elite founders has intangible value for mentorship, advice, investors, and partners.

Reputational Benefits – Being a cardholding member comes with cachet and can open doors among high-end business circles.

Time Savings – Concierge services help save time hunting for the best restaurants, events, flights, and services.

For founders focused purely on gritty ground-level execution or bootstrapping a lean startup, the benefits may not provide suitable value relative to the membership fee. But for funded founders scaling empires rather than scrapping by, the network and prestige can accelerate growth.

FoundersCard Login

Once you are an approved FoundersCard member, you will be provided login details to access your membership account online. This allows you to take advantage of benefits and manage your membership.

To log in to your FoundersCard account:

  • Go to and click “Member Login”
  • Enter your email address on file and password
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it via email
  • Once logged in, you can view discounts, make travel bookings, register for events, and more

New members will receive credentials to set up their account after being notified of approval. You can update your profile, contact info, and preferences at any time in your online account dashboard.

Having access to the member portal allows you to browse all the latest benefits in one place and immediately take advantage of deals that match your needs.

FoundersCard Payment

To activate and maintain membership, FoundersCard requires annual payment of the membership fee. This can be paid by:

  • Credit card – Visa, MasterCard, Amex all accepted
  • Wire transfer – For large or international payments
  • Check – If paying by check, mail it to FoundersCard headquarters
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and Ethereum payments are accepted

The annual membership fee is currently $395 per year for standard membership or $795 per year for premium membership. Discounts are sometimes offered for multi-year sign-ups.

Payment will be due at the time of initial application, and subsequently on each anniversary date of joining FoundersCard. Members can set up autopay to have the annual fee automatically charged to a stored payment method.

If the membership lapses due to nonpayment, all benefits will be halted until the account is made current. Make sure to keep payment details updated to avoid any interruption in access.

To maximize the value, make sure to take full advantage of all FoundersCard deals and services as soon as you join to recoup the fee through exclusive savings.


FoundersCard is an exclusive community that entrepreneurs can leverage to access deals, events, and services that boost business growth and enhance lifestyle. With vetted members and premium benefits, it carries an air of prestige.

The annual membership fee of around $400 gives access to an array of discounts, perks, and connections that can easily return 5-10X ROI for the right founder. For business leaders focused on rapid growth and revenue scaling, joining FoundersCard can provide both tangible and intangible benefits well worth the price.

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