How to Cancel Progressive Insurance

Have you considered cancelling your Progressive Insurance policy? Cancelling your progressive insurance can be complicated, whether you’ve discovered a better offer elsewhere, no longer require coverage, or have other reasons for stopping your policy. However, the process can be simplified with the appropriate information and strategy.

How to Cancel Progressive Insurance

In this article, we’ll walk you through the procedures to cancel your Progressive Insurance coverage without a problem.

Step 1. Review your policy

Before beginning the cancelling process, carefully study your policy paperwork. Keep track of crucial facts, including your policy number, coverage types, and applicable cancellation costs or penalties.

Understanding your policy terms can help you manage the cancellation process efficiently and without surprises.

Step 2: Consider alternatives

Before cancelling your Progressive Insurance, investigate if there are any alternatives. You can minimize your premium by changing your coverage selections, increasing your deductibles, or looking into discounts.

Additionally, checking around for quotes from different insurers can help you get a better rate without having to terminate your current insurance.

Step 3. Contact Progressive Insurance

To cancel your Progressive Insurance, contact the company directly. You can do this over the phone or online at their website. Prepare to supply your policy information and the reason for cancellation.

Progressive’s customer care representatives are qualified to handle cancellations and can walk you through the process.

Step 4: Provide the required information

During your conversation with Progressive, you will be required to submit specific information to facilitate the cancellation process.

This may contain your policy number, personal information such as your name and address, and the date of cancellation. To accelerate the process, make sure this information is easily available.

Step 5: Confirm the cancellation details

Once you’ve told Progressive of your choice to cancel, you must confirm the terms of the cancellation. This includes confirming the effective date of cancellation and any reimbursement payable to you. Request documented confirmation of the cancellation, either via email or mail, for your records.

Step 6: Return the documents and equipment (if applicable)

If Progressive has sent you any physical documentation or equipment, such as insurance cards or tracking devices for usage-based insurance schemes, you may be required to return them.

Progressive will provide you instructions on how to return any required paperwork, and they may even offer you prepaid envelopes or labels.

Follow up

After canceling your Progressive Insurance coverage, it’s a good practice to follow up to confirm that the cancellation was completed appropriately.

Check your bank or credit card statements to ensure that any automated payments have been discontinued and that you have received any refunds that are owed to you. If you discover any problems or anomalies, please contact Progressive for clarification.

The Three Methods to cancel Progressive Insurance

By phone

Call Progressive at 1 (866) 416-2003 to terminate your insurance coverage. Be prepared to submit your insurance number and the date you want your coverage to end.


To cancel by mail, send a signed letter to Progressive Corporation including your name, address, policy number, and date of cancellation. Send the letter at least ten days before the expiry date of your insurance.

By Email

To cancel, send an email to Progressive’s customer support from your online account. Include all of the information listed above: personal information, policy number, and cancellation date.

Does Progressive give you a refund if you cancel early?

Yes, although the amount of your return will depend on your state’s rules and whether you were charged a cancellation fee. You are also unlikely to be entitled to a refund if you pay your premiums every month rather than in full.

If you are qualified for a refund, you will receive it in the same manner in which you paid your initial subscription.

If you paid with a credit card, it will be charged back to your account; if you paid with an electronic transfer, the money will be returned to your bank account. Refunds are normally processed within 12-14 business days.

Is there a cancellation fee with progressive insurance?

Yes, Progressive will charge a cancellation fee if you cancel inside the first term, which means your policy has not yet been renewed. After the insurance has been renewed, there will be no cancellation cost.

You can cancel your Progressive policy whenever you wish, even if you simply purchased it a few days ago.

You do not need to wait for your renewal date, but you must have a new auto insurance policy in place before deactivating your existing coverage.

Before calling Progressive to begin the cancellation process, ensure that you are prepared to cancel by reviewing the cancellation terms and conditions. You should:

Inquire about cancellation fees

Progressive occasionally imposes a fee for terminating your auto insurance coverage, especially if you are in your first policy term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel Progressive insurance online?

No, you cannot cancel Progressive insurance online or by mobile app. The most convenient way to cancel Progressive insurance is via phone, but you can also cancel via mail or email.

What happens if you cancel with Progressive?

If you cancel your Progressive insurance, your coverage will terminate, and you will be repaid for any unused premiums.

In rare situations, Progressive may levy a cancellation fee, which could diminish your return. If your Progressive insurance is canceled, you will be left uninsured until you activate a new policy that same day.


When done properly, canceling insurance can be a simple process. You can confidently cancel your Progressive Insurance after reading your policy, considering alternatives, and following the steps mentioned above.

Remember to speak openly with Progressive customer service agents and retain any communication for future reference. Whether you’re changing insurers or don’t need coverage your Progressive Insurance policy.

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