Aeroplan Credit Card: Is It Worth It for Air Canada Flyers?

The Aeroplan credit card from Chase offers generous rewards and perks for Air Canada loyalists. It aims to provide maximum value to frequent Air Canada customers with bonus categories, automatic elite status, and statement credits for travel purchases.

Aeroplan Credit Card

However, steep spending requirements for the highest tier benefits make the card best suited to big spenders. More flexible travel card options may be preferable for those not locked into Air Canada. This comprehensive guide will examine the pros and cons to determine if the Aeroplan credit card is worthwhile.

Overview of the Aeroplan Credit Card

The Aeroplan credit card is the only card that lets you earn points in Air Canada’s Aeroplan loyalty program. Key features include:

  • $95 annual fee
  • Large 60,000 point signup bonus after $3,000 spend in 3 months
  • 3x points on Air Canada, grocery, and dining purchases
  • 1x point per dollar on other purchases
  • Automatic 25K elite status for new cardholders
  • Redeem points for any travel purchase statement credits

Aeroplan points can be redeemed for Air Canada and partner airline flights, hotel stays, car rentals, merchandise and more. The value per point depends on redemption, but averages around 1.5 cents per point.

The Pros of the Aeroplan Credit Card

Here are some of the most valuable benefits the Aeroplan card offers:

Lucrative Signup Bonus – Earn 60,000 bonus points, worth around $900 in airfare, after meeting minimum spend requirements.

3x Points on Air Canada – Earn triple points directly through the airline for flights and vacation packages.

Bonus Categories – Grocery and dining rewards help rack up points faster.

Elite Status – Automatic 25K status for new cardholders unlocks perks like priority services.

Statement Credits for Any Travel – Unique redemption option for purchases beyond just Air Canada flights.

Free Checked Bag – First checked bag is free for cardholder and companions on Air Canada itineraries.

If you frequently fly Air Canada and can spend enough to unlock elite boosts, the airline-specific perks provide strong value.

The Cons of the Aeroplan Credit Card

The Aeroplan card does come with some limitations to consider:

High Spending Required for Big Perks – At least $15,000 yearly spending needed just to maintain entry-level status.

Air Canada Focus – Most benefits are tied specifically to the airline.

Limited Transfer Partners – Aeroplan’s airline partners are primarily international carriers.

No Introductory APR Offer – No 0% promotional financing options.

Foreign Transaction Fees – 3% fee charged on purchases abroad.

If you only fly Air Canada occasionally, the premium travel cards with flexible rewards may make more sense.

How the Aeroplan Credit Card Works

Here is an overview of the key features and how to maximize value from the Aeroplan credit card:

  • $95 annual fee, waived the first year
  • 60,000 point signup bonus after spending $3,000 in first 3 months
  • Earn 3x points on Air Canada, grocery stores, and dining
  • 1x point per dollar on other purchases
  • 500 bonus points for every $2,000 spent per month, up to 1,500
  • Points worth around 1.5 cents each when redeemed for Air Canada flights
  • Redeem points for statement credits against any travel purchase
  • Receive automatic 25K elite status for first year with $15,000 minimum yearly spend
  • Free first checked bag on Air Canada itineraries for cardholder and companions
  • Transfer points to Aeroplan to redeem for Air Canada and partner flights

Focus spending on the 3x bonus categories to maximize point earnings. Strive to meet high spending thresholds to unlock elite status perks and discounts.

Is the Aeroplan Credit Card Worth It?

The Aeroplan credit card makes the most sense for certain types of travelers:

Air Canada Loyalists – Frequent fliers will get the most value from airline-specific perks like free bags and priority services.

Big Spenders – Those who can meet high annual spending thresholds will benefit from elite status boosts and discounts.

Canadians Traveling to the U.S. – The no foreign transaction fee feature saves on charges abroad.

Occasional Air Canada Flyers – Even flying just a few times a year, the free checked bag perk provides savings.

However, there are some alternatives to consider:

  • The American Express Gold Card has a $250 annual fee but earns 4x points on dining and groceries with transfers to Aeroplan.
  • The Chase Sapphire Preferred at $95 annually also allows point transfers to Aeroplan while offering dining and travel rewards.
  • The Capital One Venture Rewards card provides 2x miles on all purchases that can be redeemed for any travel.

For U.S.-based flyers not loyal to Air Canada, these flexible travel cards could provide better overall value.

Maximizing Rewards with the Aeroplan Credit Card

To earn points quickly, focus spending on these high-yield bonus categories:

  • Air Canada Purchases – All direct flights, vacation packages, seat upgrades, and more booked through Air Canada earn 3x points.
  • Dining – Earn 3x points whether dining in or taking out at restaurants worldwide.
  • Grocery Stores – Stock up on groceries and household essentials for 3x points at supermarkets.
  • Monthly Bonuses – Make at least $2,000 in purchases each billing cycle to earn an extra 500 points.
  • One-Time Big Purchases – Use the card for large expenditures like appliance purchases or event catering.

Boost your elite status by spending over $15,000 on the card each calendar year to maintain 25K status.

Tips for Redeeming Aeroplan Points

Maximize the value of Aeroplan points by:

  • Using points for Air Canada business and first class awards to exotic destinations for premium cabins at reduced rates.
  • Booking roundtrip “mini-round the world” Star Alliance itineraries with stopovers in multiple regions.
  • Transferring points to hotel partners like Marriott Bonvoy for outsized value at top luxury properties.
  • Redeeming points through Pay Yourself Back for statement credits against travel purchases at 1.25 cents per point value.
  • Saving points for splurge worthy redemptions like international business class flights rather than small cash-back redemptions.

Is the Aeroplan Credit Card Worth Getting? Final Thoughts

For Air Canada devotees who check bags, enjoy elite perks, and can spend over $15,000 annually with the card, the Aeroplan credit card is very worthwhile. The airline-specific benefits like free checked bags, priority services, companion rewards, and statement credits for travel provide tremendous value.

Yet the high spending requirements and focus on just one airline make the card best suited to a niche group of loyal Air Canada customers. Those who only fly the airline occasionally or prefer flexible points may be better off with a multipurpose travel rewards card.

Carefully consider your flight habits, annual expenditures, and desire for exclusive airline perks. While not ideal for everyone, the Aeroplan card can provide huge savings to the right cardholder. Do your research to make sure it aligns with your needs before applying.


The Aeroplan credit card provides stellar rewards for loyal Air Canada customers, especially frequent flyers and big spenders. Yet its airline-specific nature limits flexibility.

Consider your monthly Air Canada and travel spending, desire for exclusive elite perks, and whether you’d prefer transferable rewards when deciding if it’s the best fit. While niche, in the right hands the Aeroplan card can be extremely rewarding.

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