717 Credit Union Business Visa Platinum Card Review

The 717 Credit Union Business Visa Platinum card provides an affordable, no-frills option for small business owners to handle daily expenditures. With variable APRs starting under 11%, it offers cheaper financing than business credit cards.

717 Credit Union Business Visa Platinum Card

This review examines the pros and cons of the 717 Credit Union commercial card to see if it meets your needs.


Access to working capital plays a pivotal role in any enterprise’s success. For everyday business purchases, credit cards provide unparalleled convenience and flexibility. But steep interest charges on revolving balances can constrain cash flows for smaller companies.

This is where the 717 Credit Union Business Visa Platinum Credit Card aims to make a difference. As a non-profit cooperative entity owned by members, 717 Credit Union focuses on value-based offerings. The business Visa card comes with lower variable APRs helping save interest costs.

But how does it compare to popular small business credit cards from major issuers? Should you consider it as your primary spending card? Let’s analyze further:

Benefits of the 717 Credit Union Card

The 717 Credit Union commercial card packs several useful perks:

Low Interest Rates

The card offers variable purchase APRs starting at 10.99% based on your credit record. That’s among the most competitive on the market.

No Annual Fees

You avoid recurring annual or monthly costs to hold this card. There are also no balance transfer fees or cash advance fees.

Visa Acceptance

Get worldwide seamless spending ability for all business expenses via Visa’s broad merchant network. Domestic acceptance is near universal.

Premium Travel Protections

Includes coverage for rental cars, trip delays, lost baggage etc. Business travel insurance comes handy when on the move.

Drawbacks to Consider

However, a few limitations exist with the 717 Credit Union offering:

Requires Union Membership

You need to become a member and hold a 717 Credit Union checking account to qualify for this card. Multi-step process.

No Introductory APR

The card lacks any intro 0% APR period on purchases or balance transfers offered by competitors.

Foreign Transaction Fee

A 3% overseas transaction fee applies for international trips. Not ideal for globally active enterprises.

No Rewards Program

With no cashback, points or airline mile bonuses, you miss out on lucrative rewards from business credit card spends.

Alternate Business Card Options

The 717 Credit Union commercial card faces stiff competition in the small business space from cards like:

Capital One Spark Cash – Offers unlimited 2% cashback on all purchases with similar variable APRs starting at 14.24%.

Bank of America Customized Cash – Provides 3% cashback bonus category of your choice alongside intro 0% financing for first 9 billing cycles.

Chase Ink Business Unlimited – Gives 1.5% cashback on every purchase with longer 12-month 0% intro APR offer plus valuable travel protections.


The 717 Credit Union Business Visa Platinum card works best for existing members needing basic affordable financing for company expenses. The lower interest rate helps cut funding costs.

But lack of an introductory APR promo along with no rewards program limits appeal compared to other well-rounded small business credit cards in market. Strict union membership criteria also constrain addressable target audience.

For most merchants, cards offering a combo of 0% financing periods alongside cashback bonuses on common spend make a better primary option. But loyal 717 Credit Union members would still find this no-fee commercial card useful for daily expenditures if used prudently.


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Here are additional sections covering the application process and login details for the 717 Credit Union Business Visa Platinum Card:

How to Apply for the 717 Credit Union Card

Applying for the business Visa Platinum card involves:

Confirm you meet eligibility requirements. You or your business must be a member of 717 Credit Union. Review other criteria like time in business.

Gather required documents. Have items that prove your business identity, revenue, time in operation, and business address ready. Your SSN and personal ID are also required.

Check your credit score. As the business owner, your personal credit will be evaluated.Aim for a score of 670 or higher for the best approval odds.

You can either apply online, by mail, or in person. Applications can be completed online through 717 Credit Union’s website, mailed in, or done in person at a 717 branch.

Provide requested information. Submit all required business proofs and personal financial details during the application process.

Accept card terms if approved. Carefully review the credit agreement detailing rates, fees, and program rules before formally accepting the card.

Wait for Approval

Completing the application fully with accurate details will help ensure quick processing and approval for your 717 Credit Union Business Visa Platinum Card.

The credit decision involves both personal and business credit checks. Turnaround time is generally within 3 business days.

Activate Your Card

Once you have received your card, Call the number on the sticker on your new card to activate it and set up your pin number.

Set up Online Banking Access

Register your account on the 717 website or mobile app to conveniently manage your new business credit card account.

Tips to Accessing Your 717 Credit Union Card Account Online

On approval, you gain access to the online banking portal for managing your card account:

Login Process

Use your new credit card credentials to login to the portal. Time-based one-time passwords add extra security layer.

Account Services

You can check statements, pay bills, set alerts, manage notifications and more. You can also chat with support executives online for any issues.

An accompanying mobile app provides easy access on-the-go along with payments flexibility via Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.

So with a streamlined digital account management coupled with responsive member support makes it simple to maximize value from the 717 Credit Union business Visa card on an ongoing basis.


The 717 Credit Union Business Visa Platinum Card offers an affordable financing option for eligible members needing a no-frills solution for daily business expenditures.

While not as rewarding as other small business cards, the lower interest rates provide tangible savings versus high-APR alternatives.

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