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How to Apply for the Cerulean Credit Card: Are you looking to establish or rebuild your credit history? Do high interest rates and fees from other credit cards have you feeling overwhelmed? The Cerulean Credit Card may be the ideal solution to help you take control of your finances.

How to Apply for the Cerulean Credit Card

As an unsecured credit card designed specifically for people with no credit or poor credit, the Cerulean Card gives you an attainable path towards improving your credit score. With responsible use over time, you can qualify for credit line increases and potentially graduate to other, more rewards-focused cards.

The Cerulean Card is more than just a piece of plastic in your wallet—it’s a financial tool designed to simplify your life. We’ve packed it with features that make it easy to manage your spending, earn bonus points on everyday purchases, get out of debt faster, and reach your financial goals sooner.

Whether you’re looking to boost your credit score, consolidate debt, save on interest, or earn unlimited rewards, the Cerulean Card covers you.

Features of the Card

The Cerulean Card offers a straightforward set of features aimed at helping people with limited credit improve their profiles and manage debt.

  • Credit Building Tools

With responsible card use that gets reported to credit bureaus, you can start establishing positive payment history that helps lift your credit scores.

  • Balance Transfer Option

Transferring high-interest debt from other credit cards lets you pay down balances faster without accruing more interest fees during the 0% intro APR period.

  • Online Account Access

Check your balance, make payments, view statements, and set notifications all through the convenient online account portal accessible on desktop and mobile.

  • Automatic Credit Line Increases

As you demonstrate on-time payments and keeping card usage well under limits, you may periodically qualify for credit line increases to grant more flexibility.

  • Fraud Protection

Rest easier knowing you have zero liability fraud protection and 24/7 monitoring from Mastercard® to alert you about suspicious activity and block unauthorized transactions.

While light on flashy rewards or sign-up bonuses, the Cerulean Card provides the necessary tools for credit building along with debt reduction to improve your financial health over time.

Cerulean Card Benefits

  1. Build Credit History

The Cerulean Card gives you a chance to establish credit history even if you don’t qualify for other unsecured cards. Since it doesn’t require a security deposit like secured cards, it provides an accessible starting point.

You can use the card responsibly by paying on time and keeping balances low. This activity gets reported to help improve your credit scores over time.

Focus on paying off monthly balances in full. This demonstrates responsible usage that can translate into higher credit limits down the road.

  1. No Credit Checks or Security Deposits

When you apply for the Cerulean Card, there is no stringent credit check or deposit required upfront. This makes it easier to get approved if you have limited credit history.

  1. Reports to All Three Credit Bureaus

Responsible use of this card allows you to build positive payment history, which gets reported to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This can help lift your scores over time.

  1. Qualify for Credit Line Increases

As you demonstrate on-time payments and keep balances low, you may qualify for automatic credit line increases to give your credit more flexibility.

  1. Cash Back Rewards

Earn 1.5% unlimited cash back on all purchases. More spending = more rewards. Redeem as statement credits or cold hard cash.

Know the Drawbacks to Weigh Your Options

While the Cerulean Card makes it possible to build credit, be aware of its limitations so you can set realistic expectations.

  1. Fees Can Add Up Fast

Between the annual, monthly, cash advance, and other fees – costs can escalate rapidly. Make sure you budget accordingly and have a plan for paying off balances each month.

  1. Carrying Balances Leads to High APR

With interest rates ranging from 19.65% to 29.90%, APR charges from carried balances can snowball. Consider lower APR alternatives if you may carry a balance month-to-month.

  1. Limited Use Cases Beyond Building Credit

With no rewards offerings or sign-up bonuses, the utility of this card is mostly confined to credit building for those rehabilitating their profile.

Now that you know the unique advantages along with factors to weigh carefully, you can make an informed decision about whether the Cerulean Credit Card aligns with your financial situation and credit-building needs.

How to Apply for the Cerulean Credit Card

Applying for the Cerulean Card is quick and easy through their website or by phone. You’ll need personal information like your Social Security Number ready.

Online Application

Visit www.ceruleancardinfo.com and click “Apply Now”. Fill out the secure application form completely and submit it.

Phone Application

Call 1-888-673-4755. A representative will take your application over the phone.

Logging In to Your Cerulean Account

You can access your account online to check balances, make payments, and more.

On the Cerulean Website

Go to www.ceruleancardinfo.com and click “Login” in the top menu bar. Enter your username and password.

Reset Login Details

If you forgot your username or password, you can reset them on the login page using identifying details or security questions.

Making Cerulean Credit Card Payments

Keep up with payments to build positive payment history that gets reported to credit bureaus.

Pay Online

Log into your account, go to Statements > Pay Bill, and submit a payment. Checks or bank transfers are accepted.

Pay by Phone

Call 1-800-518-6142 anytime to make a payment from a checking account.

Pay by Mail

Mail check payments to PO Box 3220, Buffalo, NY, 14240. Include payment stub.

Contacting Cerulean Customer Service

Get in touch with any account questions you may have:

By Phone

Call 1-866-449-4514. Available 8am-6pm ET Monday-Friday.

By Mail

Cerulean Card Services, PO Box 3220, Buffalo, NY, 14240.

Using the Cerulean Mobile App

Download the free app (iOS or Android) to manage your account on the go 24/7.

Now you’re fully equipped to apply, log in, make payments, contact support, and utilize the convenience of the Cerulean mobile experience to take control of your credit building journey!

Should You Get the Cerulean Credit Card?

When weighing whether the Cerulean Card fits your situation, consider your specific credit-building needs and financial discipline.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you have no credit or poor credit?

If you’re starting from zero or rebuilding damaged credit, the Cerulean Card provides an accessible starting point without requiring an upfront security deposit.

  1. Are you comfortable with the fees?

The first year annual fee is $75 and jumps to up to $120 the next year. There are also cash advance, balance transfer, foreign transaction, and late payment fees. Make sure you can budget for these costs.

  1. Will you pay balances in full each month?

With high ongoing APRs, carrying a balance can negate any credit score progress you make with added interest costs. Pay on time and in full each month.

  1. Do you have other debt with high rates?

If you’ll transfer other existing credit card balances, compare whether the Cerulean Card’s fees outweigh the interest you’re currently paying.

  1. Can you be responsible with the credit line?

Low credit limits make keeping card usage under 30% easier, but requires discipline not to max it out. Show you can responsibly manage credit.

If after considering these factors you think the Cerulean Credit Card can responsibly help build your credit, submitting an application is quick and easy. Just be cautious of high fees and interest charges, and pay off monthly balances punctually and in full.

Conclusion on How to Apply for the Cerulean Credit Card

The Cerulean Card makes managing your money a breeze. Now you can simplify your finances, reduce debt, boost your credit scores, earn unlimited rewards on purchases, and save money over the long run.

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