10 Best Sites to Download Free Mp3 Music

Searching for the 10 Best Sites to Download Free MP3 Music? Continue reading to find out the top 10 websites where you can download free MP3 music songs and soundtracks. There are several websites online where you can download free music. It’s crucial to understand which website gives the finest deals, though. We’ve got your back.

10 Best Sites to Download Free Mp3 Music
Download Free MP3 Music

10 Best Sites to Download Free MP3 Music

However, numerous websites on the Internet provide free MP3, music, song, and soundtrack downloads. We’ll walk you through a list of the top 10 websites in this article where you may get free MP3 music and soundtracks that interest you.

There are several websites where you may legally download free MP3 music, songs, and soundtracks. Listed below are these websites;

YouTube Music

One of the most popular websites on the internet for downloading MP3 music, songs, and soundtracks is YouTube music. The site provides unrestricted access to various musical genres. On the YouTube music platform, you may effortlessly download and play free MP3 songs and soundtracks.

Jamendo Music

Over the years, Jamendo Music has offered free music downloads. The Creative Commons license guarantees protection for the music, songs, and soundtrack. This indicates that the song’s author is okay with you downloading their music for personal enjoyment.

This music website is great for music enthusiasts because it contains well-curated playlists and up-to-date radio stations. All of the media on this website is independent music; if you’re looking for tracks by popular artists, you’ll need to look elsewhere and pay for it.


One website that provides free downloads from thousands of artists’ websites is SoundClick. This covers independent, signed, and other types. If artists want to provide a free music download, they serve as a middleman between users and the artists who compose it.

You can get mp3 music and soundtracks from SoundClick. Users can browse the extensive library of songs on the website by genre. Once you’ve registered on the website, you can stream or download them based on your interests. On this website, searching for music is quite simple.

You have three search options: genre, artist, and chart. Additionally, you can listen to a lot of music online or download them. You can listen to music samples on the website’s radio feature while completing other tasks.


One of the well-known music streaming and downloading websites is SoundCloud. They provide a selection of free music downloads, just like Amazon. It is regarded as the greatest substitute for the Spotify website, which offers paid online music.

Both well-known musicians and up-and-coming artists post content to SoundCloud. Here, you may use the search box to look for music by band or artist. It includes a modest yet entertaining selection of remixed Hindi remix songs that are available for free download.

On SoundCloud, not all of the music is free. Some of them want you to like a Facebook page to download the song. However, a lot of them can be downloaded right away by selecting the Free Download option located directly beneath the soundtrack.


You can download free music and songs from many artists on the ReverbNation website. The Civil War, Imagine Dragons, and Alabama Shakes are all products of the music website. When ReverbNation began making its music available for free and amassed a sizable fan base, it began to gain prominence.

Pop, alternative, and hip-hop music are at the top of our list of the finest free music download websites’ collections.

How to Download Free Songs on ReverbNation

Here are the steps to follow when you want to download free songs on ReverbNation

  • Enter the search field on the page’s left side.
  • The “Free Mp3 Required” checkbox should be selected.
  • Push the ‘Refine Results’ button.
  • A free MP3 required option to choose an artist appears.
  • On the right side of the website, the Free Music list will be visible.
  • A new page will open when you click on the name of any album, and there will be a tiny download icon in front of the freely downloaded tracks on that page.
  • Select “Download” from the menu.

The steps above show how you can simply download free MP3 from this platform


The user-friendly interface of Audiomack, one of the newest music-sharing services, makes it an excellent alternative to SoundCloud. Artists, labels, and music fans can find excellent songs on this free music website. The website features several categories, like trending, top songs, and top albums, that will help you find excellent music.

The trending music section features the hottest hip-hop, Reggae, and electronic music in real-time, making it a well-liked website among young people. Additionally, not all of the songs on the Audiomack website can be downloaded for free, although many artists have made their tracks and remixed music available. Additionally, you can stream an infinite amount of songs on a desktop PC or mobile device using the website’s iOS or Android apps.

Free Amazon Music Store

Millions of free music downloads are available to all Amazon Prime members, which you can enjoy on any device and store for offline listening. It implies that to receive the benefits, you must either pay a fee or select the trial option.

Most people are unaware of another means to download free music from the Amazon website.com. You can get the tracks if you visit the Amazon free music page in the Digital Music category.

It’s crucial to be aware that downloading this music requires a regular Amazon account. Additionally, you have the option to add the tracks to a shopping basket and purchase them all at once.

Internet Archive

Along with free music, audiobooks, podcasts, radio shows, and live music, the Internet Archive’s audio area also offers free music. About 2 million free digital audio music tracks are available in the audio library.

The website’s music is poorly categorized. However, users can use other filters, such as the most popular, media type, subjects, and subject, to arrange the audio tracks by the year of publication, author, language, and other criteria. Nevertheless, intriguing songs in mp3 format can still be found through searches on this website.


The final.FM WA Originally developed in 2020 as an online radio station, Audioscrobbler took over the domain in 2005. the usage of a music recommendation system that can gather information from various media players and music streaming services to build a personalized user profile based on the user’s musical preferences and listening habits.

Additionally, one of the best music websites for free song downloads is Last.FM. The website has a collection of songs that are available for download. The link can be found on the website.


Since the music on the CCTrax website is available under the Creative Commons license, downloading it is secure and cost-free. You can search for music on the platform using categorized layouts based on license, genre, label, and artist.

The platform also provides online music in a variety of relatively broad categories, including techno, ambient, dub, electronica, etc. On this site, however, you can download or listen to music without having an account. The option of purchasing the entire album at once is also available. On this website, you may access the greatest tunes, music, and soundtracks.



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