Best Streaming Services for Horror Fans in 2023

Since streaming services allow you to access frightening entertainment anytime you want, there is really never a bad time of year to binge-watch scary movies. Even some offer original TV shows. Add your favorite scary movies from A24, John Carpenter, and other studios to a playlist that includes both recent and classic films.

You may view new releases from the comfort of your couch while keeping the lights on, saving you the expense of paying to see them in a movie theater. Listed below are some of the top sites for streaming zombie thrillers, ghostly encounters, monster attacks, and timeless favorites.

Best Streaming Services for Horror Fans in 2023

Paramount Plus

Although Paramount Plus may not be the first streaming service that comes to mind when thinking about horror, it is the home of numerous well-known series, such as Scream, A Quiet Place, and Paranormal Activity. Every movie from every series is available to stream.


Shudder is a terrific location to get your fill of horror movies if you’re looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet that’s ad-free. The specialized streaming service is owned by AMC Networks and offers more than 300 horror movies in addition to TV shows. With titles including The Seed, The Babadook, Children of the Corn, and Train to Busan, Shudder offers a strong selection of originals, classics, foreign treasures, and contemporary frights. Choose from a variety of scary themes, including vampires, aliens, slashers, hauntings, and more.


Tubi is a free streaming service with a far wider collection than just B-movie horror movies. You may scare yourself all day and night with a special category that has over 450 frightful titles, including originals, well-known franchises, and classics. Along with Blade, The Terrifier, and several Ouija movies, you may find cult classics from the 1980s and 1990s like Puppet Master and Hellraiser.


You may access the Warner Bros. library as well as DC and HBO titles through WarnerMedia’s streaming service. Additionally, the app is user-friendly on all devices and has a beautiful design. There are many terrifying movies available to watch on Max.


You can fill your watchlist with movies like Shapeshifter, The Amityville Haunting, Return of the Scarecrow, and Lake Placid. The Final Chapter on Crackle is undoubtedly a B-movie utopia. An American Werewolf in Paris, for example, is available on the streaming service, which is also free. You can get Sharktopus movies, gigantic spider movies, and piranha movies if you like mutant monsters that cause trouble. You can click among horror subgenres including humor, action, mysteries, or monsters on Crackle to make your browsing easier. Crackle contains movies from the 1950s (like The Blob) up to 2021.

Prime Video

There are a ton of movies available on Prime Video, and its selection of horror films. Includes exclusive, first-run films from Blumhouse, the production firm behind hits like Paranormal Activity, Get Out, Happy Death Day, and Ma. You can watch free movies on Freevee or other movies like Freaky or Rosemary’s Baby. That is part of your Prime subscription in addition to streaming Amazon Originals like Evil Eye and Suspiria.


Of course, Netflix has its fair share of entertaining horror films as well. But the purpose of this post is to highlight options that are either free or have substantial investments in the genre, like Shudder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Service has the Most Classic Horror Movies?

The greatest option if you want to view some old movies for free is Tubi. However, Shudder is a better option if you don’t mind spending money on classic horror.

Which Service is Best for Blockbuster Horror Titles?

Almost any streaming service will have some well-known films available. But you should expect to pay more for the most recent blockbusters. The movies are often available for rent during or after their theatrical runs on services. Like Prime Video, Max, and Paramount Plus, or as part of your monthly subscription package.


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