Withdraw Money Without an ATM Card

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly uncommon for people to carry cash with them. With the rise of credit cards and mobile payment apps, many can purchase without touching physical money.

Withdraw Money Without an ATM Card

However, there may be situations where you need cash but can’t access an ATM card. This could be due to misplacing your card, forgetting it at home, or simply not having one.

Fortunately, there are still ways to obtain cash without an ATM card. While some methods may require physically visiting a particular location, many options are still available.

Whether through a bank teller, cash back at a retail store, or a peer-to-peer payment app, you can still access the money you need, even without an ATM card.

How to Withdraw Money Without an ATM Card               

Different ways exist to withdraw money from your bank account without a debit card.

Use a Withdrawal Slip

One of the most effortless ways to withdraw money without an ATM card is by visiting an open branch of your bank or credit union.

All you need to do is grab a withdrawal slip, fill out the amount you want to withdraw, and provide your account information.

In case you don’t have the account information, the teller can verify your identity by checking your ID. After that, you can collect the cash from the teller.

Cash a Check at Your Bank

If your account provides paper checks, you can use them to withdraw cash. Simply take your chequebook to the bank or credit union where you hold the account, write a check made out to yourself or to “Cash,” and go to the teller window to cash the check.

The teller will give you the requested cash amount, and you can then use it as needed.

Cash a Check at a Retailer

It is possible to cash checks at select retailers or grocery stores that provide check-cashing services.

Nevertheless, it is important to confirm with the retailer beforehand. Please note that many retailers only accept government-issued or payroll checks and not personal checks.

While some Walmart stores do provide check-cashing services for personal checks, the limit is set at $200.

Use a Cardless ATM

Several major banks such as Bank of America, Chase, PNC, and Wells Fargo now provide cardless ATMs.

These ATMs enable you to withdraw cash and carry out other transactions without using your physical ATM card.

The contactless payment icon that you use to pay in a store with your ATM card will appear on the ATMs that accept cardless transactions.

There are two ways you can use a cardless ATM to get cash without your debit card.

  • Mobile banking app

To withdraw cash from an ATM using your phone, first sign in to your bank account on your mobile device.

Then, request a withdrawal through the app and either scan the ATM’s QR code or enter the one-time access code displayed on your phone.

Once you confirm the withdrawal on your phone, the ATM will dispense the requested amount of cash.

  • Digital wallet

If you have linked your debit card with your digital wallet on your phone, like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, you can easily withdraw money from an ATM.

Just open your digital wallet and select your debit card. Next, hold your phone near the contactless transaction icon on the ATM to access your account and withdraw cash.

Use Your Digital Wallet

To use this method, the first step is to add your debit card to your digital wallet. Next, find a retailer that accepts digital wallet payments and also offers cash back on purchases.

Once you’ve found a suitable retailer, use your digital wallet to make a purchase and select the amount of cash back you want.

You can then take your cash. Please note, that retailers usually have set limits on cash-back amounts and may even charge a fee for this service.

Use a Check-Cashing Service

If you need to cash a personal check, you can go to certain stores that provide check-cashing services.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these stores usually charge high fees, which can take a big portion of your check.

It’s recommended to use check-cashing services as a last resort and to explore other options first.

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