Walmart Gift Card Balance

Do you want to know how you can check your Walmart Gift Card Balance? Walmart gift cards simply give you access to different products at discounted rates. Ranging from books to furniture, computers, and even fashion times. However, before and after shopping it is very important to know your Walmart gift card balance.

Walmart Gift Card Balance
Walmart Gift Card Balance

Why? One of the major reasons is that it simply prevents you from overspending your budget. Another reason is that it also allows you to be able to detect charge-related problems.

Walmart Gift Card Balance

Furthermore, checking your Walmart gift balance will even help you to get to know when to redeem the funds and also turn them into cash. And generally, we can even say that knowing your balance is the first step in cashing out on your Walmart card.

Thanks to Walmart, there are 3 ways for you to check your balance. And these 3 ways do not require you to pay, sign in or simply create an account. In other words, you can simply easily Check and also know your balance in the comfort of your home.

If you then want to learn how you can easily check the balance of your card, just read and follow this article to the very end. In this article are the 3 methods of checking your gift card balance.

Ways How to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

Walmart simply allows you to check your card balance in 3 different ways. And below are the 3 ways, you can check them out.

  • Online
  • At local stores
  • Through customer service

How to Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance Online (Website)

For you to check your gift card balance online using the Walmart website, you do not need to create an account or sign in. Below are the guidelines for you to check your Walmart gift balance online;

  • First, you should open your web browser and visit the Walmart gift card balance page.
  • Then Click on the ‘’Check balance’’ option.
  • You will now be required to enter the Gift card number on your gift card and also the four-digit personal identification number.
  • If you then have the eGift card, you can find the 4-digit pin in the confirmation email.
  • Once you do that, the balance details of your gift card will then immediately be on your screen. Now, you can simply check it out and know your balance.

Check Walmart Gift Card Balance at Local stores

Another easy way for you to check the Walmart gift card balance is to just visit the local stores. Here is how you can easily check your Gift card balance at Walmart stores below;

  • You should simply locate the nearest store using the Walmart store finder
  • Then check out the results and choose the store closer to you
  • Now Take your Gift card to the store
  • Now, just ask the customer service representative to help check the balance.
  • The card will simply be checked and an employee will then tell you exactly how much is on your Walmart gift card.

How to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance Through Customer Service

You can then check the gift card balance via customer service. You will also find the phone number on the Walmart website. Below is how you can easily check your gift card balance via customer service.

  • Call the number and then you will be directed to the customer service
  • Now Pay attention to customer service carefully for the instructions
  • Then just Provide your required card information and wait

After a little while, a customer service representative will then tell you about the Walmart gift balance. You can even ask for more information about the gift card from Customer service.


How Can I Check My Walmart Gift Card Transaction History?

You can just simply visit the customer service section and then request an item inquiry from the cashier. You will then get all the information you just need regarding the transaction history and balance. In addition, you can even check your transaction history on the Walmart mobile app.

Where Can I Use My gift card?

You can also make use of the Walmart Gift card in any local Walmart stores near you and online to make purchases.

What if my Walmart Gift Card Does Not Have a PIN?

If your gift card does not have a pin, then you can’t use it for online purchases. You can simply only use it at local stores. This simply means that you cannot check the balance online. However, there may be instances where you can trade a gift card without a PIN with one PIN.


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