Use Remita to Buy Your Prepaid Electricity Units.

Use Remita to Buy Your Prepaid Electricity Units – Looking forward to making a Remita purchase of electrical units? You’re unsure of the procedure. Continue reading to find out how simple it is to purchase electricity units online using Remita.

Use Remita to Buy Your Prepaid Electricity Units.

It’s really simple to buy your prepaid electricity units, and thanks to current technology, you may do it from anywhere, including your house.

Use Remita to Buy Your Prepaid Electricity Units.

How to Purchase Power Units Using Remita

To purchase light units, you are not required to go to the NEPA office (or distributor office). However, you can use Remita to conveniently purchase electrical units while remaining in your cozy home. Sounds intriguing, don’t you think? You can currently utilize Remita, one of the most popular platforms in Nigeria, to pay your electricity bills.

Steps to Buy Prepaid Units with Remita

You can pay your power bill with Remita by utilizing the company’s website or a mobile app that is downloaded to your device. It is simple. Let’s look at how you can purchase power units for your prepaid meter before moving on.

Here is how to buy electricity units with Remita;

  • Remita can be downloaded or accessed at
  • Pick the “Buy Electricity” option next.
  • To continue, choose your distributor from the menu.
  • Choose a name for your service category.
  • Put in how much you want to spend.
  • Give a working phone number and email address.
  • After CAPTCHA verification, select “Submit”.
  • When the payment tab appears, choose the payment option and follow the on-screen instructions to continue.

Remember that your name, meter number, and address will be displayed right away after entering your account or meter number. Your meter token will be sent to your phone as soon as your payment is approved.

Why Use Remita?

Remita is a CBN-licensed payment system that is simple to use and takes care of both companies’ and individuals’ payment needs. It becomes one of the best choices to utilize and purchase power units as a result. It is trustworthy and really quick.

The website gives users numerous options for purchasing utilities like electricity. Everyone may easily comprehend how to use Remita’s ads thanks to its straightforward user interface. You may also download the app for free on your Android or iOS device if you prefer not to use the browser interface. Regardless of whether you have an account or not, purchasing electricity is simple.

Scroll to the bottom of the official website to contact Remita customer support if you have any queries or concerns.


How simple was that, then? Yes, you must have followed the preceding steps to acquire your electrical units through Remita. What do you think of Remita? Which marketplace do you use to buy your light units? Please share your responses in the comment box; we want to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy Phed units online?

All you need to do to purchase Phed units online is to launch the platform you want to use. After that, input the meter number, choose your payment amount, and continue.

How do I buy electricity with the USSD code?

Dial the USSD code for the bank you have an account with, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

Can I pay for a prepaid meter online?

Absolutely! You can pay for your meter units wherever you are using one of the many platforms or websites available.


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