Use PayPower to Purchase Prepaid Meter Units Online

Use PayPower to Purchase Prepaid Meter Units Online – Unsure about how to buy electricity units with PayPower? Fortunately, this article will show you how to use and buy PayPower prepaid meter units online. At PayPower, customers may select from a selection of different electrical and mobile top-ups.

Use PayPower to Purchase Prepaid Meter Units Online.

It is Use PayPower to Purchase Prepaid Meter Units Online. Trustworthy, easy to use, and incredibly quick. It is also quite trustworthy. Without leaving your comfortable house, you can pay for your electricity using our website. Power units can be purchased from any location.

Use PayPower to Purchase Prepaid Meter Units Online

How to Purchase Units Using PayPower

One of the highly recommended locations to purchase electricity units is PayPower. They offer the best pricing on the market. In an emergency, you can use PayPower to buy your light units online.

Follow these easy steps to buy electricity with PayPower;

  • Go to in your preferred online browser and sign up or sign in using your phone number.
  • click “Buy Now” once more.
  • Your account number or meter number must be entered.
  • Choose between prepaid and postpaid meters.
  • Next, choose your home state (the majority of states are not available).
  • Click “Continue” after entering the quantity that you wish to purchase.
  • Review the details of your electricity order before paying.
  • Choose the payment method that you choose.

Your meter token will be delivered to your phone as soon as the payment is approved. The 20-digit token code on your meter must now be entered.

Why Should I Use PayPower?

A quick, dependable, and practical option to purchase power online in Nigeria is through However, you can utilize this platform from the comfort of your home to recharge your meter. Additionally, it provides a variety of disco electrical options and great savings on cellphone top-ups. Although there isn’t a mobile app yet, the PayPower web interface is simple to use.


The recommendations listed above should be used if you want to purchase electricity units using PayPower. Additionally, we provided a list of pertinent connections that you can utilize to contact the platform for questions. How do you feel about this article? Is PayPower also your top pick? Enter your responses or ideas in the space provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PayPower work?

Nigerians can use PayPower to pay their electricity bills. It provides the market’s finest top-up rates. It’s incredibly simple to purchase light units using this service.

How do I buy electricity with the USSD code?

Use your bank’s USSD code or your distributor code to purchase units via USSD.

How can I buy electricity with my cell phone?

Yes, you can easily purchase electricity units using your mobile phone by dialing a USSD code associated with your distributor or bank.

How can I pay my electricity bill online?

Utilize your bank app or any of the platforms to pay your electricity bills online. If prepaid, type in your meter number and the desired purchase amount.

Can I buy electricity online?

Finally, You can buy electricity online through any of the sites created for that purpose.


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