Upgrade Card: Rewards, Perks, and Features

Finding the right credit card can make a big difference in your financial life. The Upgrade Card aims to be a top contender for your wallet with robust rewards, useful perks, and innovative features tailored specifically to your spending habits.

Upgrade Card

But does Upgrade actually deliver exceptional ongoing value compared to other options? Let’s break down the key benefits to see where Upgrade shines brightest – and what limitations it still has.

Overview: What Makes Upgrade Stand Out?

Upgrade built its card from the ground up to solve two common consumer pain points:

  1. Missing out on credit card rewards – Many cards promise big sign-up bonuses but provide little lasting value. Upgrade offers up to 5X everyday rewards instead.
  2. Fee-happy cards – Annual fees, foreign transactions fees and the like chip away at user returns. Upgrade eliminates them all.

By maximizing ongoing incentive opportunities beyond one-time perks while subtracting unnecessary costs, Upgrade crafted a card delivering value long-term.

How to Get Customized Rewards 

The Upgrade Card provides customized rewards based on your actual spending patterns, rather than a one-size-fits-all rewards rate.

It works likes this…

  • Analyzing Your Transactions

When you first get the Upgrade Card, you’ll earn a base rate of 1.5% cash back on every purchase. Behind the scenes, Upgrade analyzes where and how much you typically spend in various shopping categories.

  • Ratcheting Up High-Spend Categories

After 2 months, Upgrade will determine your personalized bonus rewards rates between 2X, 3X or 5X for your highest monthly spending categories. For example, if dining is consistently where you spend the most, it may unlock a 5X rewards multiplier moving forward. As your spending habits change over time, your bonus rewards rates will adapt too.

The key benefit is you’ll continuously earn extra-high incentives in the areas where you spend the most each billing cycle. So your rewards are customized based on your actual spending patterns for maximum earnings.

Cash Back Redemptions That Pay Off With the Card

We’ve all seen flashy rewards promotions diluted by tight redemption caps, blackout dates and convoluted policies. Upgrade’s cash back program cuts through the noise with straightforward value.

  • Redeem Anytime, No Minimums

Upgrade Rewards redeem as an immediate statement credit against your balance anytime with no annoying minimum thresholds to hit first. 1 reward = 1¢ knocked off your bill.

  • Unlimited 1.5% Floor Across All Spending

Even if your customized categories max out, Upgrade still pays a solid 1.5% baseline rate on your other purchases instead of dropping to 0% like some cards. This unlimited floor keeps value flowing in.

Add it up across dining, groceries, shopping and bills and your redemptions pile up fast.

Perks and Tools For Savings

Beyond upfront rewards acceleration, smart additional features also help you save with Upgrade’s card long-term.

  • 0% Intro APR

New cardholders enjoy six months of 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers. This gives substantial breathing room to pay down existing balances transferred over or make large essential purchases over time without financing fees piling up early on.

  • Double-Dip Cash Back & 0% Financing

One clever perk comes on large purchases of $100 or more. Eligible transactions unlock a “0% APR Upfront” toggle during checkout.

When activated, you finance that individual purchase at 0% over 6-12 months while still earning full cash back rewards on the total upfront. It’s a buy now/pay later plan and long-term rewards accelerator in one.

  • Free Credit Health Monitoring

The Upgrade Card comes with a free Credit Health service revealing your detailed credit score and reportchanges each month. This equips you with insights to understand credit impacts over time to make informed financial decisions.

Monitoring your profile is key for catching errors early and tracking improvement in your score as positive behaviors compound – helping qualify for loans down the road.

What Fees?

Nickel-and-diming cardholders with yearly fees, foreign transaction penalties and other tacked-on costs is an unfortunate norm in the industry.

Not with Upgrade.

They simplified the equation for what truly provides value by eliminating these revenue streams for the company altogether in favor of consumer savings instead. Upgrade has:

  • No Annual Fee
  • No Foreign Transaction Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Late Payment Fee

The only cost you’ll incur (and reasonably expect) is interest on carried balances after the 0% intro period ends. This straight-forward, honest pricing lets your cash back rewards shine brighter.

On top of it all, Upgrade also pledges to never increase your APR for any reason – including missed payments. Your rate stays fixed outside of general market shifts.

Who Is Upgrade Best Suited For?

While anyone can enjoy Upgrade’s perks, their premium card offering specifically targets and caters to certain types of cardholders in particular:

  1. Frequent Spenders

With customized bonus categories aligned to your transactions and unlimited 1.5% backfilling across purchases, Upgrade clearly benefits higher-volume consumers maximizing card usage. Light or occasional spenders won’t reap as much.

  1. Existing Revolver Seeking Value

Features like 0% balance transfers, 0% large purchase financing, free credit health insights, and fee-less card usage cater specifically to those carrying balances and seeking ways to effectively leverage (not be paralyzed by) debt.

  1. Financially Responsible User

Lacking penalty fees means Upgrade expects you to be diligent paying on time and maintaining your credit standing in good faith. Their generous rewards model only works sustainably if consumers play their part financially.

Drawbacks to Consider

While undoubtedly feature-rich, a few limitations still exist with some Upgrade benefits:

Rewards Redemption Minimums

Unlike some of the truly instant cash back cards, Upgrade imposes a $50 minimum threshold to redeem rewards as statement credit. So your balance can’t go all the way to $0 through redemptions alone.

High-Yield Savings Alternative

Rather than core checking/savings accounts, your redeemed cash back gets deposited into an Upgrade-managed savings account paying 2.07% APY. Great for building emergency funds, but not usable as freely as direct bank account deposits.

No Sign-Up Bonus

With big one-time perks all the initial rage, Upgrade notably lacks any upfront welcome points, miles or cash to hook new users. But their sustainable rewards model depends on forgoing these costs.

Upgrade Credit Card Application

Applying for an Upgrade card can be quickly completed on their website in minutes with an instant decision in most cases. Standard ID verification and approval processes apply.

Once approved, your Upgrade card ships within 7-10 days. Activating it is as simple as calling the number on the sticker once received and following voice prompts. Start enjoying your rewards and benefits immediately after.

Upgrade Credit Card Login

You can login to manage your Upgrade card account at http://www.upgrade.com. The online portal and mobile app allow reviewing statements, adjusting settings, accessing savings funds, and customizing card uses.

Biometric login like fingerprint or Face ID provides secure convenience accessing your Upgrade card digitally.


What is the maximum credit card limit for Upgrade?

Upgrade credit limits range from $500 up to $25,000 based on your creditworthiness and qualifications. While Upgrade won’t disclose their exact maximum limit, reports show approved lines up to $25k which is competitive for premium travel and cash back cards focused on good credit users.

Can you withdraw money from Upgrade credit card?

Yes, the Upgrade card does enable cash advances like traditional credit cards, though fees apply. You can use an Upgrade card to withdraw cash from an ATM or bank (up to your available credit limit). This flexibility provides access to cash in a pinch, but other methods like debit cards or home equity loans offer lower fees for frequent cash needs.


There is no one “best” credit card for everyone because people’s spending and financial priorities can vary so much. But by focusing on key benefits that most consumers value – generous rewards, useful cardholder perks, and clear, honest fees – Upgrade makes a strong argument for replacing whatever card you currently use.

For people who tend to carry credit card balances month-to-month, Upgrade aims to provide a responsible way to get more from your spending. With no late fees or penalty rates, Upgrade can help improve your finances over time with cash back rewards and transparency around interest charges.

So if you want to maximize ongoing rewards and gain financial clarity, Upgrade may be a better choice compared to traditional credit cards. The features and incentives are tailored to help people spend smarter while paying down balances responsibly.

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