The Cheapest Home Insurance Companies

The Cheapest Home Insurance Companies – The average largest investment a person makes is their home, which also contains all of their valuable possessions. However, these possessions are protected by a home insurance policy, which also offers crucial liability coverage.

The Cheapest Home Insurance Companies

When looking for inexpensive home insurance, you don’t have to give up coverage or customer support. However, several businesses provide a range of discounts and insurance choices that might help you save.

The Cheapest Home Insurance Companies

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

The structures on your property, including fences and other outbuildings, as well as your personal items, are all covered by homeowners insurance. In the event that covered damage, like a fire, prevents you from living in your house, home insurance also covers supplementary living expenses and liability protection.

If you own a home, homeowners insurance is very necessary. You want your valuable assets (your home and possessions) secured, in addition to the fact that your mortgage company will require it.

Factors That Affect Home Insurance Premiums

Your house insurance premiums will be influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • expense of building a new home. In the worst-case scenario (such as a fire), your home is protected by your housing insurance. However, the amount needed to rebuild your home should be the same as the dwelling coverage limit. Your house insurance premium will go up as your rebuilding expenditures rise.
  • what makes up the house’s structure. Materials like brick, stone, stucco, or wood were used in the construction of your home. More durable and long-lasting materials exist.
  • The age of your home. It usually costs more to insure older homes. Updated plumbing and electrical systems found in new homes reduce the likelihood of problems.
  • Your location’s ability to withstand fire. However, the distance to the nearest water supply and fire station is factored into a home’s fire rating.
  • The location’s history of claims. The amount of crime and natural catastrophes, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, in your neighborhood are factors that home insurance consider.
  • Your property’s history of claims. Even claims made by former owners may have an impact on your current house insurance rates.
  • The history of your individual claims. Homeowners with a clean insurance claim history typically receive lower premiums.
  • Your decision about the deductible, insurance limitations, and coverage. Your home insurance premiums will increase in direct proportion to the amount of coverage you require and the size of your deductible.

5 Cheapest Home Insurance Companies 2023

Progressive Home Insurance

Although Progressive stands out for offering competitive house insurance prices, it does not offer alternatives for higher dwelling coverage, which is crucial protection for homeowners in disaster-prone locations. However,  a banned breed list should not be the focus of dog owners.

Customers of Progressive’s house insurance will profit from the firm’s extremely aggressive pricing. Additionally, Progressive receives few complaints about their home insurance. A lack of extended or guaranteed replacement cost coverage is one aspect that affected Progressive’s overall rating.


  • affordable rates
  • Name With the help of the Your Price tool, Progressive will locate a cover that fits your needs based on the maximum amount you can afford to pay.


  • No options for a broader range of dwellings.
  • Some dog breeds may not be allowed by your state’s banned dog list, disqualifying their owners from coverage.

Westfield Home Insurance

Among the top-scoring providers of house insurance in our analysis, Westfield had the lowest average cost. Progressive did not obtain a top ranking in our review, despite its cheaper rates. However, extended replacement cost and guaranteed replacement cost coverage are two extra protection options from Westfield.


  • The businesses we looked at had really inexpensive rates.
  • Customer satisfaction is generally high, as seen by a low complaint rate.
  • In circumstances where the cost to rebuild your home is greater than your insurance limit, offers both extended replacement cost and guaranteed replacement cost coverage.
  • Home equipment breakdown coverage, which is sometimes included in Westfield home insurance policies, pays to repair or replace appliances like washers and dryers, dishwashers, home security systems, computer monitors and printers, and refrigerators if they are harmed by electrical problems, mechanical breakdowns, or pressure losses.


  • Ten states—Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia—are the only ones that offer home insurance.
  • A list of prohibited dogs may be presented to clients.

USAA Home Insurance

People in the military and veterans can get great home insurance rates through USAA. Quality service is also provided by USAA. Only active-duty troops, veterans, or spouses of active-duty military personnel are eligible to join USAA. It is also possible for children of military personnel.


  • If you are a USAA insurance candidate, its cheap costs are worth considering.
  • Low complaints are an indication of good customer service.
  • No list of prohibited dogs’
  • Long-term replacement cost for housing is offered


  • Limitation of membership: Only veterans and active military members, as well as their families, may use this service.

American Family Home Insurance

Rates for home insurance from American Families are really affordable. The extra dwelling coverage options should be utilized by policyholders. However, the seventh-largest provider of house insurance in the country now is American Family Insurance.


  • Home insurance premiums on average are very modest.
  • Home insurance has few complaints.
  • Offers extended replacement cost as well as guaranteed replacement cost for homes in situations where the cost of rebuilding exceeds your home’s insurance policy’s maximum.


  • Some dogs, like wolf hybrids, trained guard or attack dogs, or those who have previously caused injury to someone, are probably not covered by this policy.

Nationwide Home Insurance

Nationwide is a smart choice due to its competitive average rates, low customer complaint rate, and availability of both extended replacement cost and guaranteed replacement cost. The Nationwide Private Client insurance is a high-net-worth homeowner-friendly alternative to the regular home insurance options.

  • If you choose not to rebuild your home after it is destroyed, specialized coverage offers a cash-out alternative.
  • coverage for objects like crystal, china, and statues that shatter accidentally.
  • Home systems and appliance equipment breakdown insurance.


  • Considering it for its competitive average house insurance premiums.
  • Extended coverage is offered via “Dwelling Replacement Cost Plus” choices.
  • There is no list of prohibited dogs.


  • Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Massachusetts are the only states that do not offer nationwide homeowners insurance.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance FAQ (Cheapest Home Insurance Companies)

What does home insurance cover?

Home insurance primarily covers your house and your belongings. If your house or personal property is harmed by an incident that is not specifically excluded from the policy, homeowners insurance will pay to repair or replace the damage.

In addition to covering unintentional harm or property damage to others, home insurance also covers liability. To purchase a homeowners policy that best meets your needs, it is imperative to understand what coverage is included in a conventional policy for home insurance.

Why does my home insurance premium keep going up?

Home insurance companies base their rates on risk; hence, if you make claims or if there have been several claims in your region, you can see a rise in the cost of your home insurance. Additionally, an insurance provider may raise premiums in response to other variables like inflation and rising construction expenses.

Does age affect home insurance rates?

How much you pay for home insurance may depend on how old your house is. Because older buildings may require repaired plumbing, wiring, heating, and roofs after they are damaged, companies frequently charge extra for insurance on older residences.


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