The Best Cheap Car Insurance

The insurance companies that have the lowest average premiums in this of the Cheap Car Insurance Companies provide affordable coverage options that could be practical for a variety of drivers.

The Best Cheap Car Insurance for 2023

We put low average minimum coverage rates at the top of our research since we are aware that drivers shopping for the lowest auto insurance policy frequently choose basic coverage. Our insurance editorial staff, however, took care to maintain quality. Although the businesses listed below provide some of the lowest minimum coverage premiums, they also stand out for their exceptional customer support, use of technology, and opportunity for savings, earning them a spot on Bankrate’s list of the best inexpensive auto insurance providers.

Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies

American Family

A lot of different optional auto insurance coverage options are available from American Family, and the business has comparatively few consumer complaints. This helps them stand out even with normal car insurance rates.


  • American Family receives very few auto insurance-related complaints from state insurance departments.
  • For drivers with DUIs, costs are reasonable.
  • When necessary, I’ll file SR-22s.
  • provides disappearing deductibles and accident forgiveness.
  • American Family provides gap insurance to new vehicle owners.
  • gives good drivers who wish to lower their auto insurance premiums based on driving habits access to the KnowYourDrive usage-based insurance program.
  • provides non-owners auto insurance protection.
  • American Family also provides ridesharing insurance to Lyft and Uber drivers.


  • Car insurance rates for safe drivers (those with a clean driving record) are only average.
  • The costs are only moderate when adding a teen driver to a parent’s policy.
  • The cost of auto insurance is comparable for senior and young drivers.
  • Only 19 states, not all 50, have access to American families.


Auto-Owners Insurance stands out for its various coverage options, claims handling procedures, low number of complaints, and affordable rates. Rates for good drivers’ auto insurance from auto owners are fairly affordable. However, its nationwide average rate for safe drivers is more than $500 less than the average of $2,150 annually among the businesses we evaluated.


  • Excellent auto insurance rates for drivers who have been in collisions. (USAA is a little less expensive, but only eligible for veterans and military families.)
  • Provides a deductible reduction and accident forgiveness.
  • Provides a respectable 14% discount, on average, for paying in full for auto insurance coverage.
  • Both gap insurance and new car replacement insurance are offered.
  • The usage-based insurance program (TrueRide) from auto owners might help good drivers perhaps cut their auto insurance premiums.

received a top score for their claim processing from crash experts.


  • If you have a DUI or low credit, you might find vehicle insurance that is less expensive.
  • There are simply marginal costs involved with adding a young driver.
  • The SR-22 filings that drivers require must be obtained elsewhere.


For specific types of drivers and a variety of add-on coverages, Nationwide offers reasonable rates on auto insurance. Since it receives relatively few complaints regarding its auto insurance, you should consider checking it out if you’re looking for auto insurance. However, for drivers who want to perhaps reduce their expenses based on real driving, it’s noteworthy that Nationwide offers both a usage-based insurance program and a pay-per-mile alternative.


  • Provides the usage-based insurance program (SmartRide) for safe drivers who want to reduce their auto insurance costs based on driving behavior.
  • Furthermore provides low-mileage drivers who want to save money with the SmartMiles pay-per-mile insurance program.
  • When adding a teenage driver to an insurance policy, which is normally very expensive for parents, you can get reasonably good rates.
  • Premiums for drivers with bad credit are comparatively affordable.
  • Provides options to customize a policy, including options for vanishing deductibles, new car replacement, and accident forgiveness.


  • Auto insurance premiums are too high for drivers who cause accidents that result in injuries.
  • DUI drivers pay higher premiums for auto insurance than many of their leading rivals.
  • No insurance for ridesharing is available.


For drivers with a variety of driving histories, USAA offers vehicle insurance at quite low prices. If you are eligible, USAA is worth investigating. However, USAA motor insurance is only available to active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their dependents.


  • Affordable rates for all drivers, including those with a history of traffic violations, tickets, or DUIs as well as for good drivers.
  • Additionally provides affordable prices for young drivers and seniors, two demographic groups with high insurance costs.
  • Provides new cars and accident forgiveness.
  • A ride-sharing insurance option is provided.
  • Possesses a program for usage-based insurance (SafePilot) that prudent drivers can use to cut the cost of their auto insurance.


  • For coverage, not everyone qualifies. Veterans and active military personnel, together with their immediate families, are the only customers who can purchase insurance.
  • With only 6%, USAA offers a relatively small bundling discount for its home and vehicle insurance.
  • If you’re adding a teenager to your coverage, there are less expensive solutions available.
  • Not a gap insurance provider.


Geico is a good option to consider if you want affordable auto insurance because of its highly competitive rates for many different types of drivers. With one of Geico’s many auto insurance discounts, you might further reduce your rate. However, when compared to the leading competitors, Geico offers fairly affordable auto insurance rates for safe drivers. However, when comparing the businesses we looked at, Geico’s national average rate for safe drivers is significantly less than the $2,150 national average.


  • Good drivers who have received a speeding ticket, have bad credit, or were stopped for driving without insurance can all get affordable auto insurance rates.
  • Provides excellent prices for senior citizens and newly licensed drivers, who can be highly expensive to insure.
  • Grants pardon for accidents.
  • Provides a usage-based insurance program (DriveEasy) for safe drivers who want to try and lower their car insurance premiums based on driving behavior.


  • Geico charges mediocre rates for DUI-related vehicle insurance.
  • If you want coverage options like new car replacement, a disappearing deductible, or rideshare insurance, you’ll need to search elsewhere.
  • Geico offers an average discount of 8% for bundling home and auto insurance.


Is also one of my Cheap Car Insurance.  For a variety of drivers, travelers offer generally reasonable pricing. More also, when doing comparison shopping, the organization is a wonderful option to consider because it also has a lot of optional services that can provide you with superior insurance protection.


  • Around $39 a year is a great bargain for loan/lease gap insurance.
  • Offers forgiveness for both accidents and minor infractions.
  • Provides an insurance plan based on usage (IntelliDrive), which could result in savings for careful drivers.
  • There have been extremely few complaints lodged against it with state insurance departments.


  • The price of adding a teen driver to an auto insurance coverage is on the higher side.
  • Senior drivers incur significant average costs.
  • Only a few states offer rideshare insurance.
  • The discount offered to travelers who purchase both home and auto insurance is on the low end, at only 10%.


Westfield offers affordable auto insurance for a variety of drivers, has very few complaints, and has a positive review from industry experts in auto body repair for its handling of collision claims. However, if you live in one of the states that Westfield serves, it is worthwhile to shop there.


  • Offers reasonably priced auto insurance for both safe drivers and those who have had tickets or accidents on their record.
  • Gives senior drivers and people with bad credit favorable prices as well.
  • You can get gap insurance.
  • Has received a relatively small number of complaints from state insurance departments regarding it.
  • Was given a high score for its handling of collision claims by experts in the field.
  • Provides several family benefits, such as a discount for teenage drivers living in your home and adult children getting their own Westfield auto insurance coverage.


  • Of the businesses we looked at, the highest average vehicle insurance cost for drivers with a DUI.
  • It is expensive to add a teenage driver to your insurance.
  • There is no opportunity to request an online auto insurance quote on Westfield’s website.
  • Only 10 states, largely in the Midwest, have it available.

Erie Insurance

One of the Cheap Car Insurance. Erie offers decent coverage options and receives high marks for the efficiency of its collision repair claims handling. However, the benefits of Erie outweigh its variable auto insurance prices, which depend on your driving history.


  • When a teen is added to a policy, offers fantastic auto insurance rates.
  • Affordable car insurance rates for drivers who have been in accidents or who have speeding tickets on their records.
  • It is advantageous for new car owners because it includes gap insurance and new car replacement coverage.
  • The ability to waive accident deductibles.
  • Received a top score for their claim processing from crash experts.
  • With Erie’s Rate Lock, which maintains your pricing the same year after year barring specific policy changes, such as the addition or deletion of an automobile, it’s simple to budget expenses.


  • Carries high standard rates for drivers with poor credit.
  • Doesn’t provide a program for car insurance depending on usage.
  • Just 12 states can access this regional product.
  • Frequently receives more complaints than usual from state insurance departments about its auto insurance. Surcharges and premiums are the main grievances made against Erie.


Drivers with a DUI can choose from a wide variety of optional auto insurance coverage choices at fantastic prices from Progressive. However, it has a low number of complaints, which helps to offset expenses that are high for individuals who have been in accidents and merely average for those who drive safely.


  • Outstanding rates for drivers who have a DUI on their record. (USAA is slightly less expensive, but only veterans and families of active duty service members are eligible.)
  • Gap insurance can be purchased by new car owners.
  • Has a disappearing deductible and offers accident forgiveness.
  • Provides SR-22 filings and non-owner automobile insurance.


  • For good drivers, people with speeding citations, and people with bad credit, vehicle insurance costs are only mediocre.
  • For drivers with a history of accidents or coverage gaps, high auto insurance premiums.
  • With Progressive, young drivers and older drivers may experience high rates.
  • Offers no replacement for new cars.

However, the usage-based program (Snapshot) from Progressive is open to good drivers, and it may result in a respectable discount. Your premiums, however, can increase if you have a poor driving score on the program. However, for 20% of drivers who utilize Snapshot, according to Progressive, rates increase.

State Farm

Given its low complaint rate and reasonably competitive auto insurance rates, State Farm is a company to consider. However, for competent drivers, State Farm offers vehicle insurance at quite affordable prices. Its national average rate for safe drivers is less than the average of $2,150 annually for the businesses we evaluated. It’s on my list of  Cheap Car Insurance


  • If you continue with State Farm for at least three years in a row, you receive a decent renewal discount of 14% on average.
  • For drivers with speeding fines on their records, affordable auto insurance prices.
  • The average cost of adding a teenage driver to a parent’s coverage is good.
  • For those who require SR-22 forms, I will file them.
  • Offers a usage-based insurance program (Drive Safe & Save) for motorists who are prepared to be observed in an effort to receive a discount based on their driving practices.
  • A low volume of auto insurance-related complaints made to state insurance departments.


  • The firms we looked at had the highest average rates for drivers with bad credit.
  • For safe drivers and those with a DUI or accident on their record, auto insurance rates are average.
  • Not a gap insurance provider.
  • You’ll need to seek elsewhere if you want coverage choices like accident forgiveness, new car replacement, or a disappearing deductible.
  • The crash repair procedure at State Farm received a C- in the CRASH Network poll of industry experts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Best Cheap Car Insurance

What Are the Benefits of Low-cost Car Insurance?

Paying your bills on time while still receiving adequate financial protection is possible with low-cost auto insurance. More also, if you haven’t needed to make a claim yet, your auto insurance premium could seem like a pointless expense, but it’s actually very valuable. However, your hard-earned money can be safeguarded from significant out-of-pocket costs by having car insurance, which acts as a safety net in the event of an accident.

How Can I Qualify for More Car Insurance Discounts?

Look carefully at the discounts your provider offers and identify any that you might have overlooked when purchasing your policy if you want to be eligible for more car insurance discounts. More also, you might have lost out on a military discount, for instance, if you failed to mention that you were a member of the armed forces when you opened your policy. However, you might also think about bundling your house and auto insurance plans if you own a home to save money.


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