Online JumiaPay Prepaid Meter Purchase

Online JumiaPay Prepaid Meter Purchase – Did you know that JumiaPay may be used to purchase electricity units? You are not informed? You will discover how to use JumiaPay to purchase electricity units in this article.

Online JumiaPay Prepaid Meter Purchase

The procedure is fairly simple, and if you already have a Jumia account, it becomes more simpler. Simply go to the website or download the JumiaPay app to your phone to get started.

Online JumiaPay Prepaid Meter Purchase

How to Use JumiaPay to Purchase Electricity Units

JumiaPay is currently among the finest online payment options. Given the growing number of channels and websites available for using and purchasing electricity. The finest thing is that you can use the platform without any problems and pay your bills from any location. A handy way to buy a prepaid meter token online is through JumiaPay.

JumiaPay enjoys high levels of confidence not just because it serves as the Jumia marketplace’s payment gateway, but also because it makes life easier for customers. Both prepaid and postpaid electricity bills may be paid with it.

Guides to Buy Units with JumiaPay

Follow the instructions below to purchase electricity units using JumiaPay;

  • Go to or install and use JumiaPay on your iPhone or Android.
  • Choose “Prepaid” as your contract type on the website.
  • Choose your electrical board next.
  • Give the amount you wish to top off your meter and your meter number.
  • Select “next.”
  • Finally, finish your payment method. By following the instructions that will be displayed. Use your bank account or debit card.

You’re done now. Your token will be delivered to you to use on your meter if the payment is approved. However, the light will come back on in your home or office once you enter the token number from your meter.

Why Choose JumiaPay?

You can now pay your electricity bill online without having to visit a physical location or wait in a big line thanks to JumiaPay. Moreover, you can use it to pay your electricity bill online from any location, which is comfortable and convenient.

However, pay your electricity bills quickly and easily from anywhere to prevent being disconnected. JumiaPay is a simple, quick, and easy payment solution that you must use to pay your bills on time.

You can pay your electricity bill whenever you like because the service is accessible throughout the day. Moreover, assuming you have complex equipment and a reliable internet connection.

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Congratulations, you’ve reached the article’s conclusion. You must have bought your electrical units by now. However, you may read more about prepaid meter payments in our articles. Please let us know which platform you use to purchase your electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is JumiaPay?

Users may effortlessly and safely make payments online thanks to JumiaPay, a payment gateway. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Can I withdraw money from JumiaPay?

Yes, you are able to withdraw every penny from your Jumia account using JumiaPay.

How do I buy electricity in Jumia?

Using Jumia to pay your electricity bill is simple; just follow the instructions below to purchase;

  • Choose power from the list of services on JumiaPay.
  • Choose your contract type and board after that.
  • Enter the amount and meter number.
  • Finally, to finish the procedure, adhere to the on-screen instructions.


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