Logix Platinum Mastercard: A Quick Review

The Logix Platinum Mastercard is a straightforward, no-frills credit card offering solid value – especially for Logix Federal Credit Union members. With competitive rates, fees, and a range of cardholder perks, it would be a good idea to consider if you want a low-cost card for flexibility.

Logix Platinum Mastercard

This post review will discuss the Platinum Mastercard’s key benefits, drawbacks, and more.

An Overview of the Logix Platinum Mastercard

The Logix Platinum Mastercard is a World Mastercard credit card issued by Logix Federal Credit Union. As a credit union card, membership in Logix FCU is required to qualify and access the below features:

  • 0% Intro APR on purchases for 6 months. You’ll enjoy 0% intro APR on all new purchases for the first 6 months. This gives you 6 months to pay off a large purchase over time without interest charges accruing right away.
  • Ongoing variable APR as low as 8.24%. Once the intro period ends, the ongoing purchase APR ranges from just 8.24% to 17.99% variable APR. If your credit score is good, you’ll likely end up at the lower end of that range, with an APR under 10% potentially.
  • No annual fee. Rounding out the affordability factors nicely, the Logix Platinum Mastercard charges no annual fee.
  • 1.1% foreign transaction fee. The Logix Platinum Mastercard does charge a 1.1% foreign transaction fee on international purchases. So when traveling overseas, you’ll incur a 1.1% surcharge each time you use this card abroad instead of a fee-free card.
  • The Logix Platinum Mastercard starts new cardmembers with a 12-month 0% intro APR on balance transfers made within 45 days of account opening.
  • Auto rental insurance, ID theft protection, travel benefits

Between 0% promotional financing offers, very low purchase/balance transfer rates for qualified applicants and no yearly fees, this card offers exceptional overall value from a pricing standpoint.

Best Suited for Logix Members Seeking Low Rates

Given it’s a credit union issued card, membership in Logix Federal Credit Union is required to qualify for approval and access the Platinum Mastercard’s rates and benefits.

Membership is primarily available to employees, family members, or associates of partner organizations. Check Logix’s eligibility page to see if you qualify.

Additionally, the card is best suited for applicants who:

  • Have good credit seeking lowest possible interest rates
  • Occasionally carry balances month-to-month
  • Want simple cash back without complex rewards programs
  • Value no annual fees with optional promotional financing

For borrowers with great credit (scores of 700+ ideally), you’ll likely secure an exceptionally low ongoing purchase APR under 10%, saving substantially on interest over time.

How it Compares to Popular Alternatives

Logix Platinum vs Chase Freedom Unlimited – With 1.5% cash back on every purchase, the popular Chase Freedom Unlimited offers easy-to-earn rewards for no annual fee. But its ongoing 14.99% – 23.74% variable APR is higher than what Logix offers.

Logix Platinum vs Citi Simplicity – Like Logix, the Citi Simplicity card offers a lengthy 0% intro APR period and no late fees, but charges foreign transaction fees and lacks rewards. Logix offers lower regular APR if you have pristine credit.

Depending on your priorities like low rates or cash back, one card may fit better than the other for your financial situation.

Is the Logix Platinum Mastercard Right For You?

The Logix Federal Credit Union Platinum Mastercard lives up to its name by delivering low rates and a straightforward set of benefits befitting a Visa Signature card. With strong credit, you can secure an exceptionally low ongoing purchase APR along with promotions like 0% intro rates for purchases and balance transfers.

Throw in complimentary rental car protection, travel benefits, ID theft resolution – plus no annual fee – and you have a card that can serve multiple financial roles. From flexibility to save on interest payments over time to protections when traveling or shopping, it punches above its weight.

For Logix members who want purchasing power without unnecessary frills or costs, the Platinum Mastercard deserves strong consideration for your next credit card.

How to Apply for the Logix Platinum Mastercard

As this is a credit union issued card, you must first establish membership with Logix Federal Credit Union before submitting an application.

To qualify, you must be an employee, contractor, or associate of one of Logix’s partner organizations or a family member of an existing member.

Once membership is confirmed, you can apply for the Platinum Mastercard via Logix’s online application or at a local branch. The credit union will review your credit, income, and other qualifications to make an approval decision within 60 seconds typically.

Ideal credit applicants should have a FICO score of at least 690 to 700 to be approved and access the lowest advertised APRs. Limited credit or bad credit scores may still qualify but with higher interest rates.

Logging In to Manage Your Card Online

As a Logix member with an existing checking or savings account, you should already have login credentials for online and mobile banking access.

To log in and manage your Platinum Mastercard account, simply visit Logix’s website and enter your username and password.

Then you can conveniently:

  • Check your current credit card balance
  • View recent transactions
  • Set up autopay
  • Make one-time or recurring payments
  • Review statements
  • Message cardholder services

Making Credit Card Payments

Logix offers multiple options to pay your Platinum Mastercard bill on time each month:

  • Pay online via your account login
  • Use the Logix mobile banking app (iPhone and Android)
  • Call card services at (800) 328-5328
  • Mail a check or money order to the payment address
  • Visit in-person at local Logix branches

You can setup automatic payments as well to have your bill paid automatically each month from your Logix checking or savings account.

Just make sure to always pay at least the minimum amount due by each payment due date to avoid late fees or penalty interest rates.


The Logix Platinum Mastercard combines exceptional promotional and ongoing purchase/balance transfer rates – especially for borrowers with great credit – with valuable World Mastercard benefits and $0 annual fee.

While it lacks a flashy rewards program or signup bonus, what you get is an affordable, straightforward credit card that can save substantially on interest while also protecting wallet essentials like shopping excursions, rental cars, or trips abroad.

So if you want power and flexibility from your next credit card without needless fees or complexity, the Logix Platinum Mastercard delivers exactly that – especially valued for Logix members who stand to maximize its lower rates.

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