How to Subscribe to YouTube TV

Do you want to get the knowledge or steps on how to Subscribe on YouTube TV? You are undoubtedly reading the appropriate article, where you can quickly receive instructions on how to do so. I will be giving you the fundamental information you need to know in this article so that you may subscribe to YouTube TV.

how to Subscribe on YouTube TV
how to Subscribe to YouTube TV

Many of the most popular broadcast and cable networks are now accessible through YouTube TV Subscription. Neither a cable box nor a contract are necessary. From your computer, phone, tablet, or television, you may stream live or on-demand video.

How to Subscribe to YouTube TV

You may watch live TV from major broadcasters and well-known cable networks on YouTube TV with a subscription in both English and Spanish. Take advantage of live local and national sporting events, breaking news, and must-see programs as soon as they air.

You may record your favorite shows and stream them wherever you are thanks to the unlimited cloud DVR storage included. Additionally, each household is given six accounts, which you can divide among your relatives or roommates.

You can watch live and local TV in English and Spanish on networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, HGTV, TNT, Univision, and more with YouTube TV.

Steps to Subscribe to YouTube TV

Here are the easy steps to subscribe to your YouTube TV:

  • Have a fast internet connection.
  • In your web browser, enter
  • Select “Try It Free” from the menu.
  • a Google account of your choice.
  • The “Start Free Trail” button is located in the upper right corner. Click it.
  • Choose your plan (You have the option of choosing the base plan or the Spanish plan).
  • Select “Next” by clicking.
  • It can be included in your plan.
  • Click the “Next: Check out” button after that.
  • Now simply choose any “Add Payment Method.”
  • Click on the “Start Free Trial” button.

To finish this procedure, you must follow the directions displayed on your screen.

Which devices can I Watch YouTube on?

There are so many supported devices for YouTube TV. They want to make it possible for you to access YouTube TV from anywhere and on any device or platform. YouTube TV is available on mobile devices, laptops, smart TVs, streaming media players, and gaming consoles.

How Much Does YouTube TV Cost?

Currently, YouTube TV’s Base plan, which includes 100+ channels of live sports, news, and entertainment in both English and Spanish, costs $64.99. The $34.99/month Spanish TV subscription includes access to 28+ Spanish-language channels.

All of these come with 6 accounts per family and limitless free cloud DVR storage. There aren’t any additional costs, equipment rentals, or installation appointments necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is YouTube TV available?

Want to know where you can get YouTube TV? In more than 99.5% of American households, YouTube TV is accessible. You can now find out where YouTube TV is accessible.

Is YouTube TV Easy to Use?

YouTube TV is renowned for being user-friendly, dependable, and high-quality. They want to give customers a seamless, intuitive experience. You may customize your live guide, record every episode of your favorite show, or look up your favorite sports team with only a few taps on the screen.

What if I want to Cancel my YouTube TV Subscription?

It won’t cause any issues for you to stop your YouTube subscription at any moment. There are no cancellation costs. They will keep your settings even if you cancel your subscription in case you decide to restart your membership in the future.

Does YouTube TV Have Ads?

Yes, many of the TV networks offer feature advertisements since the live TV programming is produced by companies related to the networks. You should be aware that the majority of the ad revenue from YouTube videos that are broadcast on YouTube TV will go toward supporting their producers.

Can I share my YouTube TV Membership?

Yes, your YouTube TV Membership includes 6 accounts that you can use to share with family members or roommates in your home (requires age 13 or older).



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