How to Download Offline Apple Maps on iOS 17

You may now browse maps even when you are offline with iOS 17, you need to download Apple Maps. The ability to navigate, find your route and continue travelling even when you’re in an area without Wi-Fi. Cellular coverage is made possible by downloading offline Google Maps, which you may utilize to your advantage.

How to Download Offline Apple Maps on iOS 17

This is something that Google has had an advantage over Apple Maps in the long-running competition, so it’s fantastic to see it make the transition to the iPhone.

How to Download Offline Apple Maps on iOS 17

It only takes a few taps to download Apple Maps offline, making it extremely simple to use. Because you will have all the features of using Maps offline, including the ability to zoom in close to a map to view every road and location, keep in mind that downloaded maps can get pretty large.

Approximately 6GB is needed to cover most of England on a map, which is the maximum size that can be captured using an offline map area capture.

It would be best if you took caution while using these maps since they can quickly fill up your storage space. Remove any that you no longer need. We also go over how to locate and organize the maps you’ve downloaded.

Offline Apple Maps

Using offline maps, you can download certain regions from your Maps app on your iPhone. If the complete route is included on the offline map, your offline maps will direct you to your destination, even if your internet connection is spotty or nonexistent. Advice: Walk, bike, and transit routes are not available offline.

How to Download Offline Apple Maps on iPad and iPhone

Below are instructions you can follow to download the offline map;

  • tap your initials on Apple Maps. First, launch the Apple Maps app, then select your initials in the lower right corner.
  • Select Offline Maps.
  • Select Download New Map from the Offline Maps option.
  • Enter a location or area in the search field and select an option by tapping it. If the location you’re looking for doesn’t show up, don’t panic; you may locate the area by moving on to the following step.
  • Pick a region on the map and download

You’ll be able to choose your map area by opening a box. You can now shift the map select box to the desired location if you cannot locate your area or site in the previous step’s search. Pinch and drag your finger across the background to zoom in or out of the map.

To choose a map area to download, tap, hold, and drag the anchor points. Hold off until the download is finished. It will show up on the Offline Maps page once it is finished.

All you actually have to do from now on is utilize Maps as usual. You can plot and follow routes within the offline area of your offline map if there is no cell signal in that particular area. It will function similarly to an internet connection.

How to Manage Offline Apple Maps

Considering the size of downloaded maps, it would be best if you were careful about which maps you retained downloaded. Therefore, learning how to handle your offline Apple Maps would be beneficial. Fortunately, there is very little work involved in this;

  • You can rename, resize, or remove an offline map by tapping on it in the Offline Maps Menu. To alter the map’s size and reduce its storage space requirements, tap the Resize button. To change the map’s name, tap the pencil symbol. To completely remove the map, select Delete Map.
  • Revise every map. To make sure all of your offline maps are current, select Update All from the Offline Maps menu. This has to be connected to the internet. To make this happen automatically, make sure you also toggle on Automatic Updates.
  • Flip the Optimize Storage switch. To make sure your maps aren’t taking up any extra space, turn on Optimize Storage from the Offline Maps option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Offline Maps Reliable?

You can now use Google Maps in the area you downloaded and just in that area, even offline. Because traffic and other road conditions are not considered, you won’t receive exact travel times or suggestions for different routes, but you will receive an approximate idea of how long your trip should take.

How Much Time #do Offline Maps Last?

The time limit exists because Google wants you always to have the most recent version of your maps on your device, even when you’re not connected. Maps that are downloaded have a 15-day expiration date. You must enable automatic updates in the Google Maps offline settings to keep your maps offline forever.

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