Google Drive, Save and Manage Your Files with

The “Google Drive, Save and Manage Your Files with” is all about Google Drive, so if you are interested then you should just keep on reading.

Google Drive, Save and Manage Your Files with
Google Drive, Save and Manage Your Files with

Thanks to the Google Drive system software, many Google Drive users can now assume that they have all the information that is most important to them to simply back up and even save their files, using the Google Drive service.

Google Drive, Save and Manage Your Files with

The truth is that even as Google Drive simply tends to protect the files on your laptop from threats on your computer properly (except for ransomware), Google Drive itself is not invulnerable to information loss.

Google Drive Back Up

At the same time, your data is also certainly saved in the free Google Drive backup than on any single computer, laptop, tablet, or phone device. More so, the assumption that using Go drive is even similar to having a complete featured backup service is also a risky one. Cloud storage is not simply designed to duplicate your hard drives.

If you are then intending to back up loads of gigabytes of statistics and even preserve your file structure system, then a committed online backup service provider will simply prevent cash and complications. Having said that, a lot of people use this online cloud storage to then back up files. Also, for some users, this technique seems like a doubtful idea.

Google Cloud Storage

Cloud storage and some other services may even be adequate for backup when you do not have many folders and documents to guard. In those cases, it’s going to likely save you money over choosing one of the high-quality online backup storage companies.

In this guide, I’ll show you a way to simply use the drive service to back up all of your files, so you can even determine if it’s far the best way to simply secure your files against loss.

Drive Back Up

There are also a few methods to back up files with the use of the drive service. You may even want to use this service of the Google Drive sync folder on your laptop or PC, even though it simply has some drawbacks. The drive additionally also has a backup feature that even allows you to continuously sync between a computer folder and the cloud storage.

That is the extra reliable technique between the two. Sooner or later, the Google Drive smartphone app is also a fantastic way for you to ensure your photos and movies are routinely uploaded to the cloud.

Google Drive Backup and Sync

Google replaced its computer sync folder with what it calls “backup and sync” in 2017. It was then designed for PC and Mac, the brand-new device can also be used to backup unique folders on your personal computer without moving them to your sync folder.

In case you have not upgraded to the new consumer, you will then need to download it from the Google Drive web page and sign in using your Google account details.

  • This service can also be launched by right-clicking the “backup and sync” icon in your taskbar.
  • Now, you should just click the 3-dots menu in the top right and select “options.” This would open a new window
  • Now just select, my laptop, further go to the drive
  • Select Settings

The first tab you see which would be “my laptop” can even be used for tagging of folders you would wish to back up on your Google Drive account. After hitting this option, you can then proceed to tag any folder you wish to back up.

How to Back up with Google Drive

For you to back up files, photos, and video content to Google Drive, you should simply follow the below steps.

  • On your Android device, you should click to open files by
  • Then at the bottom of the page, you should now tap Browse.
  • Furthermore, under “Categories,” you should choose a category.
  • Next, then click on the file you want to back up.
  • After that tap on the Down arrow, so If you can’t find the Down arrow, click on List View.
  • Now after you see the confirmation pop-up message, tap on OK.

Also, system users can even download the Google drive on their PC to start enjoying this service available to them.

Is Google Drive Back up Free?

Yes, Google Backup is actually free. Also, it even offers 15GB of free storage service to its users. Therefore, if you then have a Gmail account you are eligible for a free 15GB backup storage. Moreover, you can get this service on your mobile phone and Computer.

The Google Workspace plans for business account holders will then get this service for $6 per user, per month. Also, this simply includes 30GB of cloud storage for business users. Therefore, you can also access One Drive using Google Drive for Desktop. Also, you can do this through the web application, or using your mobile app.


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