Event Organizers App – 10 Best Event Organizers App for Android and iOS

Have you ever made use of the event organizers app, which is also known or called the event planner app? However, this organizer actually assists, enables, and helps to manage events/parties by managing tasks, guests list, etc.

Event Organizers App

Event Organizers App

The top 15 event planning apps for both Android and iPhone will be listed in this article. A few are also uncharged.

What is an Event Organizers App?

What comes to mind when you hear the term “planner app”? An event planner app, on the other hand, is software that aids in managing your event. It operates by coordinating the party’s responsibilities, guest lists, budgets, and vendors for occasions like weddings, graduations, etc.

The greatest and most appropriate venues, catering companies, and performers are used to guarantee the celebration runs successfully.

Types of Event Management Software

The purpose of event management software is to simplify and automate a variety of tasks involved in organizing and planning events. There are various kinds of event management software available, each of which serves particular purposes. Here are a few typical examples:

Event Registration Software

This kind of software is designed to handle all aspects of event registration, including online registration forms, attendee management, ticketing, and payment processing.

Event Planning Software

Event administration and organization are made easier by event planning software. It might have elements like scheduling, budgeting, choosing a location, managing vendors, and coordinating logistics.

Event Marketing Software

Software for event marketing makes it easier to market and promote events. Tools for email marketing, social media integration, advertising campaigns, and analytics to track marketing activities might be included.

Event Mobile Apps

These specialized mobile apps include information about the event, timetables, speaker bios, networking possibilities, and interactive elements like live polling or Q&A sessions in order to improve the attendance experience.

Event Analytics and Reporting Software

This kind of software focuses on gathering and studying information about events. To assess an event’s success and make informed decisions, organizers can use data from the tracking of attendees, engagement metrics, income, and other key performance indicators.

Venue Management Software

Software made exclusively for organizing and scheduling venues is known as venue management software. It might have functions like resource allocation, floor plan design, contract management, and availability tracking.

Event Ticketing Software

This program manages the distribution and sale of event tickets. It enables organizers to manage seating plans, manufacture and sell tickets online, and monitor ticket sales and revenue.

Virtual Event Platforms

Virtual event platforms now provide tools for hosting and organizing online events as a result of the growth of virtual events. These platforms frequently offer interactive elements for virtual attendees, virtual exhibit halls, networking tools, and live broadcasting capabilities.

10 Best Event Organizers App Android


You can find, create, and manage events using this app. But it does provide functions like ticketing, event promotion, and attendee management.


Based on your interests, Meetup can help you locate regional events and clubs. You can also become a member of several communities and attend their activities.


With Eventzilla, you can handle registrations, sell tickets, and plan and promote events all in one place. You can get it from your play store and read the review; it’s one of the best.


You may look up a variety of events in your area using Eventful. It does, however, cover a wide range of topics, including festivals, sports, concerts, and more.


You can create, advertise, and manage events using Cvent, a complete event management service. It provides solutions for analytics, marketing, and event registration.


Popular event app Eventbase offers details on conferences, festivals, and other sizable events. It provides tools including agendas, maps, and customized schedules.


Eventdex provides event management services for live and online events. It has functions including lead retrieval, networking, ticketing, and registration.


EventBank is a flexible platform that offers capabilities for managing events, memberships, and customer relationships. Both small and large gatherings can use it.


With the help of the user-friendly app EventFlow, you can easily create and manage events. It has functions including ticketing, managing attendees, and coordinating events.

Event Planner (by Zoho)

With the help of Zoho’s Event Planner, you can effectively plan events, invite guests, monitor RSVPs, and manage event details.

When selecting the most appropriate event organizer software for your purposes, keep in mind to read user reviews, investigate the features, and take your unique requirements into account.

5 Best Free Event Planning Apps for 2023

Here are the top 5 free event organizer apps for 2023 you can simply get without stress:


This event planner aids with the planning and management of all your events. However, it enables information sharing so that everyone may be informed of what’s going on.

Additionally, it has real-time updates and notifications, effectively distributes resources, allows for the sharing of ideas, files, and documents, as well as the creation of task dependencies.


Airtable is a fantastic program that provides everything you need to simplify your workflow and easily accomplish ambitious goals. However, compared to other software solutions, it has many benefits. It can import data from many sources, create robust reports and graphs, quickly share tables with others, and more.

But it also includes working easily with other Airtable users to create your app and have access to data, processes, workflows, etc.


This outstanding app for event management enables online registration for guests. But it aids in the execution of events from beginning to end and handles promotion to provide the most entertaining and well-planned events ever.

However, it has capabilities like keeping track of everything associated with your event, a desktop and mobile app, etc.


An app for event management called The ConfTool can assist make sure that your gathering goes off without a hitch.  On the other hand, it oversees event amenities, venues, catering, and more, and offers deals and discounts on the newest goods and services.

Although it is adaptable, it also offers a responsive customer support team.


This event planner tool aids in organizing your tasks so you can concentrate on the crucial aspects.

It has a user-friendly interface, lots of resources, a quick checkout process, and simple online payment alternatives that save time.


What Are the Key Features of An Event Organizers App?

Event scheduling, guest management, task management, budget monitoring, vendor management, tickets and registration, event promotion, venue selection, agenda development, and real-time communication are some of the essential aspects of event organizer software.

How Can an Event Organizers App Help Me?

You can benefit from an event organizer app in a number of ways. It facilitates effective work allocation and monitoring, streamlines event planning and management, enhances communication between event planners and participants, offers consolidated access to event-related data, and offers tools for managing budgets and spending.

Can I Create and Share Event Invitations Through the App?

Yes, the majority of event planning tools let you design and customize event invites right inside the app. Details about the event, RSVP options, venue information, and other pertinent information can all be included. These invitations can be distributed by social media, email, SMS, and other modes of communication.


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