How to Change Password on Facebook

It is very important to know how to change your Facebook password for one and all. There is a lot of personal data on this social media site. If you neglect the security of your account, hackers may be able to access it.

How to Change Password on Facebook

Changing your Facebook password is a crucial security step that keeps unwanted users from accessing your account. Facebook has simplified the process, whether you want to change your password out of prudence or think your account may have been hijacked.

Here’s how to change your Facebook password on a desktop computer and a mobile device.

Open the App & Log In:

  • If you haven’t already, open the Facebook app on your device and log in.

Configure Access Settings:

  • On your iOS device, tap the three horizontal lines (menu) located in the bottom right corner; on an Android device, tap the top right corner.
  • After selecting “Settings & Privacy” by swiping down, select “Settings.”

Change your passport

  • Select “Security and Login” from the “Security” section.
  • Select “Change password” from the “Login” menu.

Enter both the old and new passwords:

  • Double-enter your new password after entering your old one. Make sure your new password is secure; a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols is best.

Save changes:

After entering your passwords, select “Update Password” or “Save Changes.”

Where to change password on Facebook

Follow the steps below to know where you can change your password on Facebook.

Click on the access “Access Settings” button, after selecting “Settings & Privacy” by swiping down, select “Settings. Go to the “Change Password” option and select “Security and Login” from the “Security” section.

To update your password, locate and select “Change password” from the “Login” area.

How to change password on Facebook iPhone

Changing your Facebook password on an iPhone is a simple process. Follow these steps to update your password through the Facebook app:

  • To open the Facebook app on your iPhone, find its icon and tap on it.
  • When you see the three horizontal lines (the menu icon) in the lower right corner of the screen after logging in, tap on it.
  • Navigate down the menu and select “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Navigate to the ‘Security’ area by scrolling down the options menu.
  • Click “Security and Login.”
  • You can choose to “Change password” from the ‘Login’ section.
  • To continue, tap on it.
  • You will be asked to input both your new and existing passwords.
  • In the first field, enter your password as of right now.
  • Enter your new password in the following two fields. It is critical to have a strong password that is difficult to guess.
  • To update your password, tap “Save Changes” after entering it.

After changing your password, examine your account’s security settings and make sure your contact information is up to date.

How to change password on Facebook Messenger

You cannot change your password on Facebook Messenger since Messenger utilizes the same credentials as your Facebook account. To change your password, use your Facebook account. The new password will work for both Facebook and Messenger. Here’s how to update your Facebook password, which will also change your Messenger password:


How can I reset my Facebook password without mobile number?

If you want to reset your Facebook password without mobile number, Visit, then click on Recent Logins. Alternatively, enter your name or username on the Facebook “Find Your Account” page. To complete the reset process, click on the reset your password, verify your identity, and adhere to the on-screen instructions.

What if my password, phone number, and email were all altered by someone breaking into my Facebook account?

You can take action to recover your account if it was hacked or compromised. To find out how to secure your account, go to the Facebook Help Center or the Instagram Help Center. We’ll request that you update your password and check your previous login history. Either your password or email has changed.

Can Facebook send me an email to reset my password?

If you received a Facebook password reset email that you did not request, it’s possible that someone unintentionally typed your email or username while attempting to get into their account. This is especially common if your username or email address is well-known.

What if someone hijacked my Facebook account and changed the password?

Head to Facebook’s Find Your Account page. Once there, you’ll be asked to provide your email address or phone number. You will then be asked to reset your password using a code given to either your email address or phone number. Follow the steps below to reset your password and obtain access to your account again.

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