7 Online Apps in Nigeria to Purchase Light Units

Light Units – This article will be very helpful for you if you’re looking for apps to use to purchase light units in Nigeria. Continue reading to learn about 7 internet apps for purchasing light units in Nigeria. With these apps, you may conveniently pay your prepaid power bills whenever you want from the comfort of your home.

7 Online Apps in Nigeria to Purchase Light Units

You will be in the dark if your home or office doesn’t have any light units if you utilize a prepaid meter. It can be highly difficult to leave your comfort zone to stand in lines for hours to pay or purchase light units, but those times are long gone. You can download mobile applications from the app store on your phone and pay your electricity bill from anywhere.

7 Online Apps in Nigeria to Purchase Light Units

In Nigeria right now, a lot of websites and applications give customers the chance to simply purchase light units, providing they have a reliable internet connection and a working phone number or email. Any zeal? Are you not? Let’s go right to sharing the 7 apps to buy light units in Nigeria so as to not take up too much of your time.

Here is a list of our top picks for Nigerian electricity bill payment apps;


In Nigeria, BuyPower is a trusted and simple-to-use app for online recharge of your pre-paid energy bill. BuyPower is accessible to you regardless of the device you’re using because it offers an app for both Android and iOS devices. The software is very simple to use, making it a top pick for people with less education. Additionally, this website/app provides a unit calculator and responsive customer care.


IRecharge is another quick and dependable bill payment app that you can use to purchase light units for your prepaid meter. Additionally, it can be used for TV subscriptions and airtime top-ups. You may quickly make your light bill payments provided you download the app onto your smartphone. iRecharge can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.


The VTpass platform/app allows for the speedy purchase of services such as airtime, internet data bundles, DSTV, GOTV, and PHCN in Nigeria. This implies that it enables consumers to pay bills using their cell phones. It is one of the most popular apps for paying electricity bills in Nigeria. If you have VTpass loaded on your iOS or Android device, purchasing light units is simple.


In Nigeria, Quickteller provides a convenient way to purchase prepaid light units and pay other electricity bills. One of the best apps to use is honesty because it is trustworthy. It provides a wide range of other functions in addition to paying power bills, like sending money to other banks and purchasing airtime.


In Nigeria, this is the most recent item on our list. In Nigeria, Powerlight specializes in organizing and paying electricity bills. You can purchase postpaid bills and prepaid meter light units with it installed on your phone. It permits the payment of electricity to all Nigerian electricity distribution firms. The Powerlight app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.


One option for quick and simple online payments for both prepaid and postpaid Power City bills is the Jumiapay app. To pay for your light units, you may either log into your existing Jumia account right away or create a new one. trustable and tried. Today, download Jumiapay to your iOS or Android device.


Another option for purchasing light units in Nigeria is KongaPay. It provides an easy-to-use interface that is accessible to anyone. Even though KongaPay is a gateway payment mechanism, electricity purchases and bill payments are also made through it. On your smartphone, you can download the KongaPay app.


The prepaid meter light unit recharge apps we’ve highlighted should make it simple for you to pay your electricity bill on your phone or tablet. Don’t forget to leave us a comment with your ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app can I use to buy light?

You can purchase light bulbs using a variety of apps, including Jumiapay, Lumia, Kongapay, VTpass, Quickteller, Powerlight, and many others. Installing the app on your smartphone is all that is necessary.

What app can I use to buy electricity online?

You may conveniently and safely recharge your prepaid meter light units from your home with BuyPower.

How much is 100 units of electricity in Nigeria in 2022?

In Nigeria, the price of 100 prepaid meters is NGN 5,964.

How to buy a meter unit online?

Visit the platform’s website, and input your prepaid meter number and the number of units you want to purchase to recharge your device.


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