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So many of us did not know what Zedge is not even talking about the Zedge Mobile. If I should ask some of us here what Zedge is I am sure 99% of us will not be able to define what it is, for this reason, that is why I am bringing this to you all.

I believe that as we read on, we will get all the information and the details that we all will ever need and understand what Zedge is and also the mobile of it.

Zedge Mobile

Zedge Mobile – What is Zedge

As I have said before not all of us know what this is all about, so let see what this topic is trying to review to us all by starting with what Zedge is. Zedge is a platform that is well designed for users who are looking for stuff that can help beautify their mobile devices like iOS and Android devices.

What are these stuff that I am talking about here, they are wallpapers, ringtones, stickers, music, video wallpapers, and so much more them? Through Zedge, you can download all of these things into your mobile devices to help make your device look attractive to others.

Zedge Reviews

Speaking of the mobile is not different from what I have just explained up here, I mentioned iOS and Android devices all these are mobile devices and you can use the Zedge Mobile on them. This means the Zedge platform has a mobile app for mobile devices just as I have mentioned up here.

The platform is 100% free to access, you are not requested to sign up or pay for anything before you can get into the platform or download whatever you want from it. It can also be used as a source of marketing, marketing here is that you can also sell your product like wallpaper or ringtones to the company if you had one that is what is known as premium. Let look into it in a new sub-heading to know more about it.

Zedge Premium

The premium as I said is meant for marketers those who want to sell or market their own wallpapers, ringtones, video wallpapers, music, and so on with the platform he or she has to sign up.

Signing up is to give you full access to the platform whereby you can sell or market your own stuff with them. Back to our topic Zedge mobile, I believe we understand what the Zedge mobile is now. Now let round the article up with the download paragraph.

Zedge App 

This is where you will know how to download the mobile app of this platform and don’t forget it also has a website which is Zedge. When you visit the site you will be able to download through the website also but as for the mobile. Let look into the downloading process;

  • You have to go to your app store be it your iPhone app store or Google play store.
  • Search for “Zedge” on the search box.
  • You will find the app on the result page, click on install or download to download the app.

Once it is through downloading, install it and you can start using it without signing in. The app is just 19.91 MB which is not that big compared to other apps. Also know that you can also download the app from the website directly by visiting the website and click on the download option due to the mobile device you are using Android or iPhone.

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