YIFY: Download High Quality Movies on YIFY Website

Has anyone searched for YIFY to know what it is or what it does? Well, since there is no one here who had an idea on what it is the article you see here is made for you. This article will help explain more about what YIFY is. All that you are requested for is just to pay key attention to what the content has to say about the topic above.

YIFY: Download High Quality Movies on YIFY Website

Looking into the topic alone and by searching for what it is all by yourself. You should be able to know that YIFY is a movie website. This movie website that this writeup is talking about here is not like every other movie downloading website. But this particular website is different from any movie downloading platform that you may know of.

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Like what the article says, it says that YIFY is a movie website that we all have already know about. But when the article says that this site is not like every other website what does that mean. Coming to that aspect, we are made to understand that this website is a high-quality movie downloading platform that deals with a high rate of movies known as “Torrent” files.

Searching for the site on Google, you will be left with two different site URLs, one is “YTS” and the other is “YIFY” which is the one we are talking about right now. It is said that a site is a peer-to-peer group known for distributing large numbers of movies download through BitTorrent. The site is full of amazing movies that when you visit it, you will know what I am talking about.

If you are in for more information, the headquarters is located in Auckland and New Zealand. You know that some movie download sites require account registration before you can download mostly those online streaming websites. But coming down to this site it is optional, when I mean optional, you can choose to create an account or choose not to because the site is also free. Speaking of the creation of this website of yify, it was created by Yiftach Swery and that was in 2011.

YIFY Website

Here we are, where we’ll be talking about its website. thanks to the result on Google, it appears that there are two different website links for this movie site. within the list, I will be able to mention them to you and also proving the link to access both of the websites. one among the location names is YTS and therefore the other is YIFY. Now, let see the 2 URL links which may be utilized in visiting each of them.

  • YTS: The URL link to go to this site is yts.mx.
  • YIFY, which is that the second website the URL link is yifytorrent.vip.

These are the 2 links to go to each of the sites mentioned above. Downloading movies from one of the sites, you’re requested to form the use of “VPN” and you’ll download the VIP needed also from the location. the location that needs a VIP is one among “YTS”. The common thing about these two sites is that both of them may be a movie download platform. With what we’ve because of the title of the article, we’ll be looking more into “YIFY” but you ought to know both are an equivalent.

Movie List by Genres

Talking about movie list by genres, there are lots of movie category you can download from like every other movie sites you may know of. in this torrent site, we have categories of movies like action, crime, film-noir, animation, comedy, horror, reality-Tv, thriller, game show, even as far as music and so much more. Have this in mind that for you to download a movie from this site, you need to get the following apps installed on your device.

You need a “uTorrent” app installed on your smartphone or computer and also a “VPN” to keep your device secure from any attack of the site. You need these apps on your device since you are downloading torrent movie files from the site. And note, the movies on this site are likely “1GB” or “2GBs” depending on the quality of the movie you are downloading.

YIFY Movie Download

Here we are at the download paragraph. This paragraph will educate you on how you can download movies from the yify website using the uTorrent app. Before coming to this part, you must have installed the uTorrent app on the device you want to use in downloading the movie. You can download the uTorrent app from your device app store if you are using Android or iPhone.

How to Download

But if you are using your computer, what you need to do is these. Search for “uTorrent for PC or Windows”, there you will be provided with links that can be used in downloading the app. You can click on any link to download by following the instructions on the page, after downloading. You can now go ahead by installing the app. After doing all these things, you can now download using the steps below.

  • On your web browser Chrome or any other browser, you have on your device visit the link yifytorrent.vip.
  • You will be directed to the site homepage; just search for the movie you want to download and click on it.
  • Getting to the next page, you will come across two download options. One says “Download via Torrent File” and the other says “Use Magnet Link”. Know that downloading with the torrent file or magnet link, you have to click on the green button there.
  • If the uTorrent app is installed on your computer, you will be asked to open the “uTorrent web”. Which the popup will come up on your computer screen. Just click on the open link and you will be directed to a new page opening another tag.
  • On the new page, scroll down and click “Add” and then the download process starts.

You can use all the steps above as well on your smartphone also. The only way you can download yify movie successfully without using the uTorrent app on your smartphone is when you download the yify app. Everything that you need is built inside the app so you don’t need to download any other app. The only reason you need the uTorrent app is when you are downloading from the website.

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