Yahoo Mail App Download: Download and Access Yahoo Mail App on Smartphones and PCs

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Are you finding it difficult or having issues accessing your Yahoo mail account using the web version, well it is possible to use it on your mobile and other devices? Like what this article has to review to everyone one of us today is all about Yahoo Mail App Download. And if I may ask where can this app be used. You should never worry yourself stressing your brain to think where you can access the app in because like as I have said. That it can be used on mobile smartphones and any other devices like PC.

Yahoo Mail App Download: Download and Access Yahoo Mail App on Smartphones and PCs

Looking into the topic, there is nothing so new that you don’t know about Yahoo mail. For sure we all know what Yahoo mail is and what it has been used for but that is not what we are here for. This article is to guide you on how you can download the Yahoo mail app on both devices; smartphones and PC devices.

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Yahoo Mail App Download

Still on what we have as the key topic of the article which talks about yahoo mail app and also how to download it. You all know before now that Yahoo is a wide platform that deals both on business, news, search engine, entertainment, life, finance, and so much more. The Yahoo mail is a branch of Yahoo itself that deals only with emailing service. When it comes to emailing service, I meant sending of emails to other yahoo mail users. Sending emails text to other users is free no subscription is attached. Right now, let talk about how we can download the yahoo mail app on both devices and also how you can sign up and in your account.

Yahoo App Download

Downloading the app is easy and straight forward. You can find and download the app from your android smartphone google play store. But for those using iPhone devices, you can download it from your app store and for the PC system, it is available on your Microsoft app store or by searching for the download link directly on google. So, let begin the download steps on each of the devices.

For Smartphone

I am not going to be talking about the download process for Androids and iPhones separately. So if you are expecting the steps separately, you won’t see it. But you can use the steps that I will be putting down here for you to download the Yahoo mail app on your iPhone and Android device. And here we go;

  • Pick up your iPhone or Android phone and switch to your Google play app store or app store for those using iPhone.
  • Click on the search engine and type in “Yahoo mail” on it and then click the search logo.
  • After carrying out this process, you will be directed to the download page of the Yahoo mail app.

All you need to do here is just to click on the install or download button you see there to download the app. One thing I want to assure you is that, following all the instructions here accordingly, you will find it easy to download the app on your smartphone.

For PC or Systems

Now, that we are through with the step in how to download the app for a smartphone. It is now time to step into the download process for pc or system. Follow the steps below just like one of the smartphones.

  • Get access to your pc or system “Microsoft store” and click on the search option.
  • You will be able to find the app on the result page but it happens that the app does not come up on your Microsoft store. There is another way you can download it for your PC or system.
  • Just go to your Google and search for “Download Yahoo Mail for PC”.
  • Click on the link that comes with “Download on PC or system” and then click the following link which is the download link to download it.

Immediately after clicking on the download link, the download begins. And after downloading, you have to access the downloaded file on your PC accessing your download folder on your “File Manager”. Then click to install the app on your PC or computer.

Yahoo Mail Sign Up

After the installation of the app, we now come to this part of the article where you can sign in to your account or create an account. Signing in your account means you already have an account with yahoo mail but if you don’t have an account then you need to create an account with them. Follow the instructions below to sign up for an account.

  • Creating an account, you can use two ways. One is through the app and the other is the website. You just have to visit the website using your browser. But if you are using the app, you just need to launch the app and tap on the sign-up button.
  • While for web account creation, click the link below “Create an Account”.
  • Now, for both processes. Enter your first and last name, then choose the name you want to use for your email address.
  • Next are your password and your mobile number. Then your gender and when you are done click the “Continue” button below.

Following all the instructions on the sign-up page, you will find it very easy to create your account. Now sign in.

How to Sign-in or Login

You can sign in to your account if you had an account or after creating your account. The following steps below will lead you through.

  • Visit the website or access the app again and click the login or sign in button for those who are using the mobile app. But for the website user, just type in your email address and click “Next”.
  • On the next page, enter your password and login that’s all.

You see that signing in is easier than signing up for an account. Thank you all for visiting and wish to have you again on this site.

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