Xbox Series X Games – Xbox Series X Game List | Xbox Series X Games 2021

Are you looking for the best of the best Xbox Series X games to play on your new Xbox? Then you are in the right place. What a shiny new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, there is needs to have some amazing games.

Xbox Series X Games - List of Games on Xbox Series X | Xbox Series X Games 2021

This article is a gaming library filled with only the games available right now. More will be continually added to the list as they as time goes on.

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Xbox Series X Games

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, or maybe you are planning on getting one in the future, you will need to find the games that make the most of the new Xbox console’s technical capabilities right. This article is just for you read down for more details

New Xbox Series X Games

The Xbox console is an excellent machines for playing games old and new. But we are at the point where we want to be able to see some of the titles that really push this new hardware.

Xbox Series X Games List

The games to be mentioned on this list mostly do that, even though a couple are cross-generation, the recent Microsoft consoles are definitely the machines to try them on. They can help to offer improvements that range from the snappier load times to the boosted graphics to Quick Resume, which makes bouncing between games trivially easy.

What Games Run Best On Xbox Series X

Below are some of the best games to play:

  • Control: Ultimate Edition.
  • Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves is just magic.
  • It Takes Two.
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.
  • The Falconeer.
  • Destiny 2.
  • Halo: Master Chief Collection. Here we go again.

And many more other amazing games.

Xbox Series X Games 2021

Here are more explanation:

  • It takes two; Co-op, particularly local co-op games, seem to be a dying breed. Not only is It Takes Two enormously welcome for being one of them, it may be the best we’ve ever played. This is a joyously imaginative and energetic adventure entirely for two players. In fact, you can’t play it alone.
  • Tony hawks pro skater 1 + 2; Cor, Tony Hawk has always felt like a bit of a tech-pusher to me. Back then I couldn’t believe a game could feel this human, have this much gravity kicking around inside it. With the remakes, it’s that same joy in animation and texture, environment and surface detailing and the sheer simple pleasures of what you’re up to.
  • Fortnite; Fortnite is a treat on Series X/S, smooth and tangible with truly lovely lighting effects. But in truth, Fortnite is a treat on anything, a game that looked decent running on a phone and still has a certain charm on the Switch.
  • The falconer; one person made this game! It’s not the reason you should play it of course but it is a remarkable achievement. And, actually, it’s from it the game’s super-power comes. This is a deeply personal game disguised as an aerial combat game. Yes, you fly around on the back of a giant falcon, and yes, it’s endlessly fun, but it’s what lurks beneath that really stays with you.

You could get game explanation about your purchased game on the game download site or pack.

What Games Are Coming to Xbox Series X

If you take a look at the blockbusters, Battlefield 2042, like Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Extraction and Tales of Arise, which are lined up for release on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. All the while true next-gen exclusives, like Returnal or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, remain rare.

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