Xbox Cloud Gaming – How to Use Cloud Gaming | Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta

Microsoft has spent years building towards cloud gaming under Project xCloud, but the Xbox Cloud Gaming has officially been launched. This service is available only as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming - How to Use Cloud Gaming | Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta

And for now, it is exclusive to Android phones and tablets, and more. Like the name implies, this service features more than you might expect. If you are a Xbox fan, then you either might have heard of this service. But if not yet, read more on this article to learn more about it. 

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Xbox Cloud Gaming 

This service let you stream a variety of Xbox games and play them in any device with an internet connection. With this function, you are free from having to buy a console or a bulky gaming PC. 

As it is Android-only accessible for now, Microsoft is near to launch the service on PCs and iOS devices. And as Windows 11 comes by, the Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available on it as well. 

What is Xbox Cloud Gaming? 

This is a final resort for what Xbox fans may have known to be Project xCloud. The feature helps and offer players the chance to stream their favorite Xbox titles right from their phone. 

The cloud gaming on Xbox follows the lead of Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now. There won’t be a need to download the games before you can play it. Instead, the games are streamed right from Microsoft’s server. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming Cost 

From some point streaming Xbox games is free. But only because Microsoft has bundled it into its existing Ultimate Game Pass subscription. It costs £10.99/$14.99 per month. And gives users access to an even larger library of games on PC and Xbox. 

Also, uses are offered a free EA Play subscription, and an Xbox Live Gold subscription that packs free games and various deals and discounts for online multiplayer. 

How to Access Xbox Cloud Gaming 

When released, here is how you can access and play games on Xbox Cloud Gaming: 

  • Launch your web browser. 
  • Enter the URL 
  • Click on JOIN NOW. 
  • Then click on JOIN NOW FOR $1. 
  • Enter your Microsoft logins, otherwise create an account. 
  • Provide your card details to pay the cost. 
  • Click on Continue. 

Once the payment is processed, you will be displayed the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform. And you can begin to explore the platform. 

Countries that Support Xbox Cloud Gaming 

The Microsoft cloud gaming service launched officially on September 15th in 22 countries. 

  • Austria. 
  • Belgium. 
  • Canada. 
  • Czech Republic. 
  • Denmark. 
  • Finland. 
  • France. 
  • Germany. 
  • Hungary. 
  • Ireland. 
  • Italy. 
  • Netherlands. 
  • Norway. 
  • Poland. 
  • Portugal. 
  • Slovakia. 
  • Spain. 
  • South Korea. 
  • Sweden. 
  • Switzerland. 
  • United Kingdom. 
  • United States. 

It’s expanding, as the service arrived in Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico on 18 November. However, these countries are still part of the xCloud Preview program, and so here it’s not yet bundled in with Game Pass.  

Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller

The easiest controller most games can use is the official Xbox Wireless Controller, either Xbox Series X or Xbox One versions. As long as it is a model that supports Bluetooth. But PlayStation users can as well use their DualShock 4 or DualSense gamepads. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming iOS 

The decision to release a browser version of the service comes after a high-profile spat with Apple over efforts to launch an iOS app for this cloud gaming. Apple declared in a statement to Business Insider that the service is not compatible with App Store guidelines. Principally because it allows players to access a storefront of other games and apps that have not themselves gone through Apple’s approval process. 

Apple eventually relented somewhat, introducing new App Store policies to allow cloud gaming services, but they’re pretty onerous. Every single playable game must also launch as a standalone app in the App Store. That seems to sort of defeat the point, and it seems Microsoft agrees, hence the move to a browser version that sits outside Apple’s jurisdiction. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming PC

Microsoft has confirmed that it’s bringing the cloud gaming service to Windows 10 PCs, iPhones, and iPads via web browser. A beta for the service is running right now. But invites are only being sent to existing Game Pass Ultimate subscribers in the 22 countries included in the service. So, you’ll have to sign up to Game Pass Ultimate if you want to have a shot at getting involved. 

The Windows and iOS version is browser-based, and runs through Edge, Chrome, and Safari on Though Microsoft says that it will build support directly into the official Xbox app on Windows 10 later in 2021, and in fact the service will be built directly into the upcoming Windows 11 update when that launches this year. 

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