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www.salliemae.com or Sallie Mae is one of the most notable student loan organizations out there, offering private loans for students and graduates in a variety of degree programs.


While it doesn’t offer student loan refinancing, its school planning tools put it notably better than its rivals as far as the borrowing experience is concerned.

With scholarships, school planning calculators, educative articles, also competitive rates, Sallie Mae is a decent decision for new student loan borrowers searching for a balanced moneylender.

Sallie Mae’s private student loan contributions incorporate undergraduate, medical residency, dental school, MBA, medical school, dental residency, health professions, law school, and graduate school loans. It also offers career-training student loans.

Low rates, hardly any charges, and flexible refund choices make this moneylender worth considering. Sallie Mae can conceal 100% of your school-ensured expenses of attendance, and you might have the option to exploit additional benefits – like four months of free Chegg learning help.


www.salliemae.com or Sallie Mae right now offers private student loans for undergraduates, career calling, and graduate projects. It likewise gives parent loans and is one of only a few exceptional moneylenders to offer loans to part-time students.

Sallie Mae additionally works with various private moneylenders to get education loans for school intended students.

If you don’t meet the basic requirements for a Federal credit program, or on the other hand if a Federal loan doesn’t take care of the expenses of your educational cost, Sallie Mae can assist you with tracking down a private bank to loan you the cash to meet your school needs. Private loans are regularly referred to as optional student loans and are subsidized.

Assuming that you need additional school financing, Sallie Mae can assist place you with the right sort of loan to suit your requirements. Something significant to remember, and it is a guideline while thinking about any credit, is to never get more cash than you really want.

Private credits ought to be just used as a technique for enhancing your school funding and ought not be the sole source of your financial support.

Sallie Mae is an extraordinary choice for those keen on getting from a deeply grounded moneylender with low rates, barely any expenses and a variety of loan choices.

Borrowers with more interesting educational needs, similar to funds online certificate course, may have more chance tracking down a credit with Sallie Mae than with other lenders.

Sallie Mae Student Loans Interest Rate

Sallie Mae offers one discount of 0.25 percent, which is if you sign up for autopay. There’s no beginning expense or application charge with loans from Sallie Mae. It will, in any case, charge a late payment expense of 5% of the past-due sum up to $25 and a return actually take a look at expense of up to $20.

Sallie Mae Student Loans without Cosigner

Sallie Mae, one of the most well-known private student loan moneylenders, also offers private student loans without a cosigner. However, you should have great credit to be validated. Assuming you’re going for undergrad, it’s impossible you have an adequate history for authorization.

Sallie Mae Student Loans Forgiveness

Sallie Mae and other private student loans can’t be pardoned. Truth be told, there are no official student loan forgiveness programs for any private student loan organization.

Government students’ loan borrowers can use the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) or Teacher Loan Forgiveness projects to wipe away their credit.

Sallie Mae Requirements

To fit in line for a student loan from Sallie Mae, you should meet the following qualifications;

  • Borrowers should be at the qualified age (18 in many states).
  • Borrowers should be U.S. residents or super permanent residents.
  • You or your cosigner should have adequate income.
  • You or your cosigner should pass a credit check.

Sallie Mae Sallie Mae Application

Below is the application process;

  • To apply first go to their official website
  • Scroll down and click on apply now
  • Tick the position you are (either a student or a cosigner)
  • Choose your program type
  • Select your state
  • Type in the name of your school
  • Then follow the on screen directives accordingly.

Sallie Mae Login

To log in to your account follow the steps below;

  • Go to the official site for log in.
  • Enter your user name
  • Enter your password
  • Click on log in

Forgot password

In case you have forgotten your password g=follow the steps below;

  • Click on forgot password in the log in page
  • Enter your user name
  • Enter your Date of birth
  • Select an option to confirm your identity (either the last 4 digit of your SSI or your Customer Identification Number)
  • Then click below on continue

No worries follow the directives accordingly and you will recover your account.



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