Www Pandora Com Roku Activate – How to Listen to Pandora Music for Free

Do you want to start listening to Pandora music on your Roku player? If yes, you are in the right place.  In this article, you would learn how to download and activate the Pandora App on Roku via www.pandora.com/activate. To get a detailed guide on how to do this, keep on reading.

Www Pandora Com Roku Activate
Www Pandora Com Roku Activate

If you are a lover of music, you must have heard of Pandora. Sirius XM Holdings controls Pandora; one of the biggest audio streaming services. Pandora allows users to customize their music and podcast listening experience based on their particular preferences. You could listen to Pandora music for free online with the free streaming service that comes with advertisements and other restrictions.

Www Pandora Com Roku Activate

To listen to music and podcasts on Pandora using your Roku player, you need to download and activate the Pandora app. Don’t know how to go about it? Follow the steps outlined below:

How to Activate Pandora on Roku

  • Turn on your Roku device, log in with your Roku details, and connect it to the internet via your home Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the Home screen with your Roku remote control.
  • On the home screen, select “Streaming Channels” from the drop-down menu.
  • Search for the “Pandora” app in the Roku Channel store.
  • When the Pandora app appears, select “Add Channel.”
  • Open the app after it has been downloaded.
  • Sign in to your Pandora account, or create an account if you don’t have one.
  • A code for activation will appear on your screen, copy it.
  • Click this link to go to the Pandora activation page.
  • Fill in the activation code you copied in the required field.
  • Select “Activate Now” from the drop-down menu.

With this, your Roku player would automatically start streaming Pandora.

Pandora Activate Samsung TV

The subscription packages offered by Pandora include Pandora Premium and Pandora Plus. They contain advanced features such as ad-free tailored music, unrestricted offline listening, increased streaming quality, and music downloads.

How to Activate Pandora on Samsung TV

You can stream Pandora and enjoy these features on your Samsung TV by following the guide below:

  • Power on your Samsung TV and connect it over a Wi-Fi to the internet.
  • Using your Smart TV remote control, go to the Application store.
  • Click on the Search bar and enter “Pandora”.
  • Once the app loads, click on it to download.
  • After downloading the app, launch it on your Samsung TV.
  • Click on Login.
  • Follow the instructions to log in or create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Copy the unique code displayed on your screen.
  • Visit the Pandora Activation platform with another device connected to the internet by clicking on this link-com/activate.
  • Choose “Activate Now” at the bottom of your screen.

After this, some instructions would be displayed on your screen, follow them to finish the process of activating Pandora on your Samsung TV.

How to Listen to Pandora Music for Free

Don’t have a subscription to Pandora? You don’t need to worry about that. You can enjoy Pandora music and podcasts online for free by signing up for a free account. Follow the steps below to sign up for a free Pandora account.

  • Open the web browser on a device connected to the internet.
  • Visit the Pandora Official webpage by inputting the URL-com into the search field.
  • On the opened pandora page, scroll down and click on “Sign Up for Free” under Pandora Free.
  • Fill in the “Email Address” you wish to use.
  • Fill in your “Password”, “Birth Year” and “Zip code” in their respective fields.
  • Choose your gender.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of your screen.

With this you can stream Pandora music for free but this comes with ads.

Pandora App

The Pandora app is made to allow users to stream Pandora music and podcasts whenever and wherever they want. You might be thinking now “Is the Pandora App free?”. The Pandora app provides a free account with which you can listen to music and podcasts. You can also upgrade to the Pandora premium edition to gain access to additional features.

Pandora App Download

The Pandora app is available for download on Android and Apple devices.

You can download the Pandora app on your Android phone or tablet by following the steps below:

How to Download Pandora App to your Device

  • Power on your Android phone or tablet and connect it to the internet.
  • Go to the google play store on your Android device.
  • Search for the “Pandora” App.
  • Click on “Install” to download the app.
  • Once the app is downloaded, launch it.

With this, you can sign up for an account or login if you already have an account.

To download the Pandora app on your Apple device, you can click here.



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