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www.advancecarecard.com is a website owned and controlled by Advance Care. Advance Care is a medical finance company that deals with financing the treatment plans and therapies of patients.


The beauty of this Company is that with its various card options, it provides the very best options available for financing for its interested customers. These credit cards are also interest-free and come with an affordable and flexible monthly payment plan.


The website- www.adancecarecard.com allows you to access the amazing services at Advance care and also secure an application for the Advance care card to finance your desired treatment plan. With this knowledge, let’s go on some important points you need to know.

What is Advance Care Card?

An advance care card is a card issued by Advance care to finance your medical procedures and treatment plans over time. If you have been searching for a credit card option to loan your funding for a medical procedure? An advance card Is an option as you don’t have to pay any fee for applying!

What are the Requirements to Apply for an Advance Care Card?

You may be wondering if you are qualified to apply for an Advance care card? Well, go through these requirements and see if you are eligible to apply for an Advance care card.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.
  • Your monthly income must be at least $1,500.
  • You must not have filed for bankruptcy in the last 5 years and
  • You must not have been sent to collections in the previous 3 years.

Did you meet these requirements? Then you can go on to apply!!!

Advance Care Card Application

Having known all this, let me proceed to show how to apply for an Advance care card. Follow me closely;

  • Access the Platform though your web browser by clicking on this link-https://advancecarecard.com/ or www.advancecarecard.com
  • Locate the Menu button on the top right corner of your display screen and click on it.
  • Click on ‘Get the Card’
  • Choose your desired medical procedure i.e. The medical plan that you want to undergo.
  • Click on the ‘Apply Now!’ button below on your display screen.
  • Choose your advance care card credit score (your credit score determines the card you will be able to apply for)
  • Locate the credit card that bests suit you and click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below it.
  • Carefully go through the features of the card you wish to apply for and click on the ‘Apply Online ‘button. You would be redirected to the website. Click on APPLY NOW.
  • Fill in correctly, your; “NAME”, “LAST DIGIT OF SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER” and “DATE OF BIRTH”.
  • Click on “continue” and your application form would be pre-filled.
  • After reading the terms and conditions, click on “submit”.

With this, you will be able to successfully apply for an Advance Care Card to finance your medical procedure.

How Long will it take to Approve my Advance Care Card Application?

Approval of your application for an Advance Care Card takes about 1-2 days. If otherwise, You can contact their customer care service. Also, when your card application is approved on Advance Care, you can use the card for a loved one or other members of your family.

What is the Required Credit Score for Advance Care Card

You may have wondered if, with your credit score, you can apply for an Advance care card. Advance care has different card options which suit your credit score whether it is excellent, good, or low.

Therefore, there is no fixed Advance care card minimum credit score. When you fill in your credit score in the Process of the credit card application, Advance Care would offer you the options of card that suits your credit score.

Patients with an excellent and good credit score however have a better advantage. This is because patients with an excellent credit score are 14 months of no interest credit and patients with good credit scores are offered up to 16 months of no-interest credit.

However, if you cannot be given a credit card with your credit score, Advance care would inform you and advise you of other options.

What are the Current Reviews on Advance Care Card?

So far, The current Advance care card reviews are quite impressive. Advance Care is a great card to use for medical financing there are no hidden fees and it also works with the Visa network. Hence, you can use it where Visa cards are used.

How to Contact Advance Care Customer Service

Are your having issues with any of the Advance Care Services? Is your application for an Advance Care Credit Card taking Long to get approved? You should contact the Advance Care Card Customer Service. Follow these steps to contact the customer care service;

  • Click on this link-https://advancecarecard.com/contact-us/ (www.advancecarecard.com)
  • On the given form, fill in your “NAME”, “EMAIL ADDRESS”, “PHONE NUMBER” and type in your message. OR
  • Locate the phone numbers at the bottom of your display screen call any of the numbers.

With these steps above, you will successfully the contacting Advance Care customer service.



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