WinZip Registry Optimizer – WinZip Registry Optimizer Price and Plans

Have you heard about the WinZip registry optimizer? If not, you are really missing it, follow me on this article to get all the details needed.

WinZip Registry Optimizer
WinZip Registry Optimizer

So what’s the WinZip registry optimizer all about? WinZip’s registry optimizer is a tool that helps locate unnecessary items in your windows registry and then removes them. This is because this unnecessary items actually slows down your PC’s performance, so its important to have them eliminated.

The WinZip registry optimizer helps to boost your PC. The registry optimizer is one out of the many system optimizations and security software products that is sold by WinZip. Others may include, the WinZip driver updater, privacy protector, malware protector, and other notable ones.

The first version of WinZip was released over a decade ago, and ever since, it has released many more updated versions, which includes its latest this 2022.

WinZip Registry Optimizer

WinZip can help to prevent system crashes and also optimize your Windows registry for maximum PC performance. It is a two-in-one utility that makes the work of cleaning, repairing and organizing of your PC’s registry easily.

It is important to note that WinZip is not a Microsoft product but a commercial product.  It is a file achiever that can help to compress files and folders to help you save space. WinZip also has inbuilt support for popular file compression and archive formats.

It feels good to let you know that the WinZip registry optimizer does not in any way gives a virus, but the files you have downloaded might. So you have to be careful when it comes to downloading and where you download it from.

If you are wondering if you actually need this program, well the answer is yes, as the WinZip program will help to facilitate the creation and unzipping of zip files for you.

WinZip Registry Optimizer Price and Plans

WinZip’s registry optimizer is freemium software that has both the premium and free versions. The free version is always available for any individual to download and make use of, but it has a limited functionality. But with the premium version you get to unlock all of its features.

The premium version is said to cost a specified amount for annual subscription per one PC. The amount charged is not much and you can payment directly on WinZip’s official website or through PayPal or a credit/ debit card, depending on the option that best suits you.

WinZip also offers a 30-day money refund guarantee for every purchase made. You can also undo your subscription at any point in time.

Features of WinZip Registry Optimizer

It Scans and Identify Invalid Entries

The primary feature that makes WinZip stands out is its ability to scan your windows registry and help detect and identify any unacceptable entries. The invalid entry could be a duplicate, corrupt, or outdated one. The software helps identify them and let you delete them quickly.

Your Window Registry Becomes a Hierarchical Database

Yes your windows automatically become a hierarchical database that can help store settings that is referenced by windows operating system alongside its installed programs.

It Improves Your PC’s Overall Performance

Having the database free from clutter helps to improve the response of the operating system, in turn its improve the PC’s overall performance.

WinZip Ultimate Suite

What’s the WinZip Ultimate Suite all about? The WinZip Ultimate Suite offers you the power to securely share files and make sure that your computer is in its peak condition.

It also helps you to save space with 50GB of storage and cloud compatibility. Thus helping to save time with improved productivity features, which include, user friendly PDF functionality and cleaning wizards.



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