Why is Hulu not Working on Firestick – How to Activate Hulu on Firestick

You may have issues with streaming Hulu TV on your Firestick. If so, you are i, the answer to the question “Why is Hulu not working on Firestick? would be provided along with possible solut learn more, keep on reading.

Why is Hulu not Working on Firestick
Why is Hulu not Working on Firestick

“What is Hulu?” You may have wondered. Hulu is a streaming service with which you can stream videos live and on-demand. With Hulu TV, you get to watch full seasons of movie series, your classic favorites, Hulu originals, and lots more. Firestick is a streaming device that freely supports Hulu TV. Thus, you can watch Hulu on your Firestick.

Why is Hulu not Working on Firestick

It can be really upsetting when you want to stream your favorite Hulu TV shows but find out that Hulu is not working on your Firestick streaming device. If Hulu is not working on your Firestick, you should try any of the options outlined below:

  • Check your Firestick Internet connection: The reason why the Programs you watch on Hulu keeps freezing could be because your Firestick internet connection is bad or not stable. When you notice that Hulu is not working on your Firestick, you should check that your Firestick device is connected to a strong internet network.
  • Try restarting the Hulu app: when Hulu stops working on your firestick or the app gives you an error code, you could also try restarting the app. Don’t know how to restart the Hulu app on your Firestick? follow these steps below:
    • With your Firestick remote control, go to the home page.
    • Scroll down and select “Settings”.
    • Click on “Applications” and select “Manage Installed applications”.
    • Select the Hulu app and click on “Restart”.

Having done this, the Hulu app would automatically restart and may start working well on your Firestick device.

  • Try restarting your Firestick device: If you are finding it hard to restart the Hulu app because your Firestick remote control is unresponsive, you should unplug the Firestick from your Television’s HDMI port. This would instantly switch off your firestick device. After few minutes, connect your Firestick device to your Television again. This would automatically restart both your Firestick device and the app.
  • Forcefully close the Hulu App: This could be of help when the app keeps freezing and you cannot close the app normally. To forcefully close the Hulu app, you should use your Firestick remote control to go to the home screen, navigate to settings and click on “Applications”. After this, choose “Manage installed Applications”, locate the Hulu app and click on “Force stop”. Having done this, the Hulu app on your Firestick device would be forced to stop working.
  • On the Fire Stick, remove all the cache and data: Another reason why Hulu is not working on your Firestick device may be because of a large amount of cache and junk files on your Firestick. Cache and junk files on your Firestick device affects it by slowing it down. To clear cache and data on your Firestick device, you should go to the Hulu software under Applications and click on “Clear cache” and “Clear Data”.

Note that you would be logged out from your Hulu account after performing this action. To login to your Hulu account and start streaming again, launch the app, sign in and activate it on your device (keep on reading to learn how to activate Hulu on Firestick).

  • Uninstall the Hulu App from your Firestick: This should be the last option when you have tried the options above. After this, you would have to download the Hulu app again on your Firestick device and activate it.

How to Activate Hulu on Firestick

If you have been logged out of your Hulu account or you removed Hulu totally from your Firestick device, the steps below would guide you on how to activate Hulu on Firestick.

  • Plug your Firestick to your TV’s HDMI port.
  • Connect the Firestick to the internet.
  • Go to the home screen using your Firestick remote control.
  • Click on the main menu button at the top of your screen.
  • Select “Search”.
  • Go to “Apps & games” and search for the “Hulu” app.
  • Once the app appears, click on “Download”.
  • After the app is downloaded, launch it.
  • With another internet connected device, visit the Hulu activation page by clicking on this link-com/activate.
  • Login with your Hulu credentials and follow the rest on screen instructions to activate Hulu on your Firestick.

It should be noted that if you already have the Hulu app on your Firestick, you should skip the steps for downloading the app and go straight to logging in to activate.

How to Update Hulu App on Firestick

Lastly, to fix the problem of Hulu not working on your Firestick, you could update Hulu on your Firestick. Don’t know how to update Hulu on Firestick? here’s how to go about it:

  • Be sure that there is an update by checking your notifications.
  • On your Firestick home page, click on “Apps” at the top of the screen.
  • Select the “Hulu” app.
  • Locate the “Update” option and click on it.

When the app is updated, you can now sign in with your Hulu credentials to start enjoying Hulu on your Firestick device.



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