Why Do You Need to Host QuickBooks in the Cloud

Most people are making use of the QuickBooks in the Cloud and most users don’t even know why. Now Why Do You Need to Host QuickBooks in the Cloud? I will be explaining why you simply need to Host QuickBooks in the Cloud.

Why Do You Need to Host QuickBooks in the Cloud
Why Do You Need to Host QuickBooks in the Cloud

All you just have to do now is to keep on reading and then all the information will be stated out for you to know, just keep on reading.

Why Do You Need to Host QuickBooks in the Cloud

If you are then like many SMBs, QuickBooks is actually an indispensable tool that can simply help with a lot of your business processing. It can also be used for managing cash flow and tracking revenue, processing payments, and so on.

Current statistics also show QuickBooks, which is then prevalently used by over 29 million small businesses in the United States, to be the most widely-used accounting software. You can also just install this software on an on-premises server or computer and then have it work in tandem with your desktop.

Why Choose A Cloud Server To Host QuickBooks?

Here is why you need to Host QuickBooks in the Cloud:

User Experience

If you have simply been using QuickBooks for a while, it might then be difficult to transition to a new system. But with QuickBooks on Cloud, it’s simply never been easier to do all these things in one place. Plus, you do not even have to worry about hardware or software!

You also do not need to learn how to use any new features or simply find different ways of dealing with problems since everything you currently know on QuickBooks Online is all the same.

You do not even have to worry about importing your files either because nothing changes for you. All your favourite desktop features will simply be available from any device even when hosted on the cloud.


When you then purchase or buy new software, it’s really important for you to have a service guarantee that simply includes telephone and also email technical support, even out of hours. QuickBooks Cloud hosting simply means you get tech support for your infrastructure on-demand, 24×7.

You can even then get managed services that will simply take care of your hosting requirements without any upfront investment on your part. Some providers even offer remote access to allow you to then maintain and manage your QuickBooks.


QuickBooks hosting also lets you access your file from anywhere and on any device. This simply means your accountant, who might be at home over the weekend, can still be able to print a cheque or financial statement without stepping outside.

This actually means that multiple people can simply access the application and even function on the same document all at once! That’s not the case when it then comes to QuickBooks Online. The most basic plan gives access to just one person at a time.

If you then want to deliver access to more people in your organization, you will now have to upgrade to a more advanced plan. And more features actually mean a higher monthly payment. Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud will let or allow you to control who can view sensitive documents or files and you will not also need to upgrade from the basic plan which does not even offer this feature. And again, you’d have to upgrade.

Remote Desktop for QuickBooks

As we all know about hosting QuickBooks on a cloud provider! Let’s just say you want to run it in the cloud. In this instance, you will then need to set up a Hosted Virtual Desktop. It can also help your small business save time and money.

It is even super easy to set up because your IT department has only to install & configure it once. The processor is actually completely remote, so your computers will not have any of that high-processing work.

When it comes to Hosting QuickBooks on the Cloud, you will need a good third-party hosting provider such as Apps4rent. This hosting provider will simply guide you through different services like Migrate Email to Office 365. Not only that, but they also provide multiple advantages for end-users such as data entry automation, auto-updates, remote access, etc.


Does QuickBooks use the cloud?

There is actually no need for you to download QuickBooks Online because it is connected to the cloud, which simply means you can access it from any device with an internet connection.

Why QuickBooks hosting?

QuickBooks is also a very powerful tool – it simply helps you run and also manage your entire business. And when you then host QuickBooks Desktop with Right Networks, you can get the best of both worlds: the convenience and flexibility of the cloud, access to Bill.com and even the QuickBooks Desktop features you depend on.

What is QuickBooks cloud hosting?

QuickBooks hosting also lets you access your QuickBooks software from a cloud server, where all your data and even files are safely stored and operated. With a unique username and password, you can be able to log in to your remote desktop from anywhere, access your data, and also use the software just like you would from a local desktop


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