When is Easter 2022 Day? – How to Celebrate Easter with Family

It’s April already and you may be wondering “When is Easter 2022 Day?”. If so, you are reading the right article. Yearly, the date for Easter Sunday is being changed and this depends on the sun and moon calendar.

When is Easter 2022 Day
When is Easter 2022 Day

In addition to informing you of the Easter 2022 date, you would also learn more about Easter and how to enjoy it with your loved ones. So, keep on reading.

When is Easter 2022 Day?

Easter 2022 falls on Sunday, the 17th of April (Although, the Eastern Orthodox Easter falls on Sunday, the 24th of April.) This holiday is a big celebration which the whole world looks forward to and is one of the seasons where individuals express the attitude of giving.

Easter is a Christian feast and national holiday that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

What is the History of Easter?

The Easter story is recorded in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ was arrested by Roman authorities for allegedly blaspheming and claiming to be the Son of God, He was later crucified after being tortured.

Easter is celebrated three days after his resurrection. Easter Sunday is also called the resurrection Sunday and is celebrated all around the globe.

The week before Easter Sunday is called the Holy week of which the Good Friday marks the day which Jesus was crucified. Palm Sunday which is the Sunday before Easter Sunday marks the day of the Triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Having known this, keep on reading to learn more about the Easter Celebration.

What is the History of Easter Egg Hunt?

Currently, the Easter celebration is not complete without an Easter Egg Hunt. The tradition of the Easter egg hunt originates from Germany and dates back to the 16th century when Martin Luther organized a game for his congregation where the men would hide eggs and the women and children had to go around searching for these eggs.

This game correlates with the story told about the women in the new testament who went in search of Jesus on the day he was resurrected. Also in the early Christian church, there was a fasting period before Easter called Lent. During this 40-day fasting period, Christians were urged to avoid eating animal products including eggs. After this period of Lent, eggs were distributed to people as gifts and also to the poor who couldn’t afford meat for the celebration.

How to Celebrate Easter with Family

Are you thinking of how you can make this Easter period special for you and your loved ones? You are in the right place. Below are some tips which will help you prepare for and enjoy the Easter period with your family.

Shop for Easter Decorations

Prior to Easter Sunday, you could go shopping for Easter decorations with your loved ones. You could also make some DIY (Do it yourself) Easter decorations with the members of your family, this makes it more fun. After shopping, try setting up these Easter decorations with them.

Make a Special Meal

Of course, no festival is complete without a special treat. You could try cooking a special and traditional delicacy and even hosts cooking competitions. This is sure fun.

Go for Egg Hunts

Egg hunts are associated with Easter and who says adults can’t go for Egg hunts?. Without having to go outdoors, you could place the Easter eggs at hidden places indoors while others have their eyes closed. After this, the Easter egg hunt begins.

Paint Easter Eggs

children would surely love this one. You could color Easter eggs using an egg-dye kit. You should be creative with your Easter egg painting, try adding patterns too.

Attend Mass

If you are a Christian, you could attend mass with your loved ones. This would help you learn more about the significance of Easter.

Play Games

There are a lot of games you should play, you could even come up with new game ideas.

Give Gifts

Easter is also a season of giving. You could practice the attitude of charity by gifting your loved ones something special and also going out with them to give gifts to the less privileged.

In conclusion, Easter is a festival that is celebrated worldwide even by non-Christians, with the tips above you could make every Easter season a special one.



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