What Purple Dot Means On Facebook Dating – Facebook Dating Features

So many people on the Facebook platform have confirmed the importance of the dating feature. Facebook dating helps people to find relationships that are helpful. Although it’s Great, people have not understood its notification.

What Purple Dot Means On Facebook Dating
What Purple Dot Means On Facebook Dating

What Purple Dot Means on Facebook Dating? The answer is below this post. The most popular dating platform in the world is Facebook Dating and it is more than just a dating site. Therefore, You will also know about Facebook Dating features.

About Facebook Dating Feature

Facebook Dating is a service in the social media platform that helps people find love. You don’t need to create a separate dating profile because Facebook takes information from your existing profile to suggest prospective matches based on shared interests.

It is best to note that other people who have Facebook Dating turned on will be able to see your profile just as you would see theirs.

You can’t message someone else except you both shows interest in one another, which is comparable to Bumble and Tinder’s dating features. None of your current Facebook friends will be suggested by the app.

Your dating profile will also be hidden from your friends who use the tool. But Friends, on the other hand, can add each other to their secret crush list, so you might end up matching with a friend who has a crush on you.

Currently, Facebook’s Dating Feature is one of the most recognized and popular social media platforms with a lot of features. The Facebook Dating Feature allows users to engage in meaningful and helpful relationships.

When you create a dating profile, it allows you to meet new people on the platform, you can send messages and like what people are interested in. You will also be a match and can start chatting in Dating immediately the person likes you back. Facebook profile is different from your Facebook Dating.

You must also be at least eighteen(18+)  before you can be able to access the Facebook dating profile and also live in one of the countries facebook dating is approved. The features are easy to use if you can meet the requirements which is to be eighteen years and above and also live in one of the countries it’s been approved in.

What Purple Dot Means on Facebook Dating?

If you are among those that are in search of its meaning, the answer is right here. This is very important to know because every sign has its own meaning. However, people have been looking for the meaning of this sign.

You should not be bothered with the purple dot sign, it causes no harm. Instead, you should be glad because you will know what it means. Only those that know about the Facebook Dating Purple Dot make use of it. You should note that the Purple Dot on Facebook Dating means “Super Swipe”.

In a discovery mode or search, you can tap on the purple dot to super swipe a potential match. When you super swipe on a person’s profile, you will appear at the top of their daily batch and with this, they will know that you want to meet them. If they are enabled, they will also receive an email notification.


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