What is Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating | How to Activate Facebook Dating

Since this feature was launched into the platform so many people have been asking What is Facebook Dating App. If you are looking for dating apps or platforms where you can date online try the dating app.

What is Facebook Dating App - Facebook Dating | How to Activate Facebook Dating

Reading through this article, there is so much to take home from it. And I assure you that after reading it, you will find it easy to create your dating profile with the help of the steps you will be seeing at the end of the article.

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What is Facebook Dating App

Facebook dating means so much because it is helping a lot of users out there. Since this service was brought into the platform, users have found it easy to go into a relationship with other users on the platform.

For us to get or understand more of the Dating app on Facebook, it is very important to know more reviews about the dating app. Whereby we are heading over to the paragraph below.

Facebook Dating

Dating on Facebook is just more like a feature that makes it very easy for users to find love with what you like. It helps the user to set up a meaningful relationship with two or more users have in common.

For example, interests, events, and groups. For you to proceed with the dating service, you must create a dating profile that gives you a more authentic look at someone. With this feature or service, users can find love all over the world.

Facebook Dating Site

The dating site here is all about the Facebook website which is generally known to be www.facebook.com. The site is commonly used by users with computers. While the app is mostly used by mobile phone users.

There is nothing much about the dating site because it is all about the Facebook website. Now, it is time to move over to the next paragraph.

Facebook Dating App

To some of us here we will be thinking that the dating app of the site to be an app of its own. But the main review about the Dating app is that it is a feature, an in-built app inside the Facebook platform. That is to say, this dating app cannot be downloaded or found anywhere outside the Facebook app and the website.

This is to say the only place you can find the dating app section is on the platform nowhere else can you find it. And that you need an account before you can make use of the dating feature.

What is Facebook Dating App Called

What do you guys think the FB dating app called. If there is no answer, then just sit down wherever you are to know what it is called. The FB dating is called “Secret Crush” which is to say if you should pick up to 7 or 8 Facebook friends that you may be interested in.

If one or more of the people you picked also entered or mention your name in the secret crush. The dating app will notify you that you have a match.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

How can you activate this dating feature on Facebook is what we will be looking into right now? Know that activating the dating feature is also signing up to the dating app section on the platform. To activate or access the dating section on Facebook, these are the steps to take.

  • Open your Facebook app account and visit your profile page and click or tap on “Dating”.
  • Now, to get started. There is information you need to fill in.
  • Your details like first and last name.
  • Select your location and gender.
  • Your interest like Female or Male. And when you are done, you can now click or tap on “Next” when you are done with all the questions and answers.

All these are what you need to access the dating app section on the platform.

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