What Does’ Recently’ Used Dating Means On Facebook?

What Does Recently Used Dating Means On Facebook? Facebook is the most popular social networking service in the world. Facebook is a place to meet new people, connect with friends and family, to share ideas and thoughts. You can now do a lot of things on the Facebook platforms like Reading News, Shopping, selling goods, and finding a job.

What Does Recently Used Dating Means On Facebook
What Does’ Recently’ Used Dating Means On Facebook


What Does Recently Used Dating Means On Facebook?

If Facebook tells you that someone has ‘recently used dating’, it simply means that they have used Facebook’s dating feature within the past few days. The message always appears on your news feed and lists all the people on your friend’s list who have used  Recently Used Dating on Facebook.

How to View your Facebook Dating Information?

Facebook Dating is available through the Facebook app on Android and iPhone. To access your Dating information, click the Facebook app on your mobile device, then go to “Access your information” in your Facebook settings.

Facebook Dating  Accessing information tool allows you to view your profile data in one place. They also have a number of tools that help you to review and control your information on Facebook.

Below are how to view your Facebook information from your mobile device:

  • In the top left of Facebook, click your profile picture.
  • Scroll down and click Settings.
  • Scroll down to Your Facebook information and click the information you want to review.

Below are  tools and resources that are provided in the Your Facebook information section of your settings:

Activity log: Your activity log is a history of your activity on Facebook. You can review and manage things you share and things you have searched for from your activity log.

Access your information:  Gather all your Facebook information that you can access at any time and in one place.

Download your information: You can download all your information at the same time, or you can select a few information and date ranges you want.

Transfer a copy of your information: Copy your photos, videos, posts, or other information to another service.

Off-Facebook activity: View or clear activity from businesses and organizations that you visit off of Facebook. You can only view this information when you’re switched into your main profile.

Managing your information: Manage your information on Facebook and answer common questions.

Deactivation and deletion: Temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your account

How to Change your Facebook Dating Preferences?

Your  Facebook Dating preferences include a  match’s age, gender identity, distance from you, and more. You can change your preference for qualities in a match at any time you like. To change your Dating preferences you can follow the instructions below;

  • Go to your Facebook app and click, you will find Dating.
  • In the top right, click.
  • Below Ideal match, click the section you want to edit, then change.
  • Optional: click next to ( preferences)This is a very strong preference. It helps us to remove who may be joined with you.
  • In the top right, click Save.

Facebook dating is a very good dating app. It’s safe, your privacy is guaranteed and you get to know really single that are ready to mingle.


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