What does Rebuilt Title Mean – Does a Rebuilt Title Affect Insurance?

What does a Rebuilt Title Mean? This question could be in your mind right now. If so, you are reading the right article. The answer to the question “What does Rebuilt Title Mean?” would be answered in detail in this article. In addition to this, you would learn more about the terms; “Rebuilt Title” and “Salvage Title” and lots more. So, kindly read to the end.

What does Rebuilt Title Mean
What does Rebuilt Title Mean

What does Rebuilt Title Mean

Normally, when you want to purchase a car, you may be persuaded to buy a car with a Rebuilt Title or even a Salvage Title. These terms may sound strange to you, so what is a Rebuilt Title exactly?

When an Insured vehicle is involved in an accident caused by Fire, Flood, a storm, etc., the insurance company inspects the vehicle to check its roadworthiness and the cost of repairing the damages made to the car.

When the insured vehicle is labeled “Salvage”, this means that the vehicle is deemed a total loss to the insurer. However, that a vehicle is labeled “Salvage” does not mean it is in grave condition. Though the Salvage Title reduces the value of the vehicle, it can be revamped (rebuilt or repaired).

When a Vehicle with a Salvage Title is revamped or repaired, it would be thoroughly inspected and when proved to be roadworthy, it is titled “Rebuilt”. In simple terms, the Rebuilt Titled car is a Salvage Tilted car that has been revamped.

Is it Bad to Buy a Car with a Rebuilt Title?

Having known what Rebuilt Title means and also the difference between a Rebuilt Title and a Salvage Title, you may be wondering “Is it bad to buy a car with a Rebuilt Title?”  Though the cost of the Rebuilt Titled car being offered to you may be low compared to other new cars, you may be wondering if it is going to be a waste of funds in the long run.

This is a normal question knowing that cars with Rebuilt Titles have gone through significant damage in the past. So, are rebuilt titles bad? Well, you should be informed that Rebuilt Titled cars come with a detailed record of the damages made to the car as well as the repairs made to refurbish the car. So, if you are satisfied with the record of the Rebuilt car, you may go ahead to purchase it as this would have less impact on your income.

Also, you could go inspect the Rebuilt car with your personal mechanic to ensure that the damaged parts were replaced with original parts and the repairs were completed. You are also advised to test drive the car a couple of times to ensure that there are no unusual sounds and confirm that the car is roadworthy.

Does a Rebuilt Title Affect Insurance?

Having known much about Rebuilt title from this article, you may be interested in buying one and also ensuring it. Thus, Does a Rebuilt Title Affect Insurance? Some vehicles insurance companies would not insure a Rebuilt Titled Vehicle. However, you may find an Automobile Insurance company that would ensure your Rebuilt vehicle and this may be on the condition of partial coverage. This is generally due to the fact that the value of a Rebuilt vehicle is quite difficult to determine and there may be hidden damages.

In case you find a Vehicle insurance company to insure your rebuilt car, you can work towards full coverage by presenting pieces of evidence from a trusted mechanic that the car is in a good condition and roadworthy. You may also present pictures of the Rebuilt car before and after it was rebuilt and also the repair receipts to increase the chances of full coverage by your Auto insurance company.



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