Ways to Stop Sugar Craving – How to Stop Sugar Cravings Instantly

It’s normal if you crave sugar but it doesn’t actually mean that your body needs more sugar.

The rate at which we consume sugar has changed the way our brain sends signals to the body to “eat as much as you can” Also known as “Survival mode” it’s one way to explain the craving for sugar after eating unhealthy food.

Ways to Stop Sugar Craving
Ways to Stop Sugar Craving

“There are three main reasons that people crave sugar: you are eating a lot of processed sugar and salt, you are not eating enough, or rather your body is trying to signal something else to you, “says Cleveland Clinic.

Below are ways to stop sugar craving:

Don’t Keep Yourself Hungry

When people keep themselves hungry and can’t bear to starve anymore they take things that are sweet to raise their blood sugar level to normal. A blood sugar drop can make you have headaches, dizziness, and nauseousness.

Goodson says” that balancing your meal or snacks with carbs or protein and eating more often can prevent you from blood sugar drops and help you avoid sugar craving”

Practice Serotonin

You can have that sense of instant gratification while consuming sugar. Serotonin (nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that regulate attention, body temperature levels, and behavior in the body can be increased by sugar). Most people, while craving for Serotonin boost think they are craving for sugar.

The best way to support Serotonin levels is not by sugar only but by ” exercise and exposure to sunlight it can draw out happy feelings and might help cut your sugar craving permanently” says Manaker.

Get A Good Rest and Sleep

Our body doesn’t need regular exercise and healthy food only. Getting enough rest and sleep is also important to the body.

Manaker said “ that feeling tired and not allowing your body to get the necessary 7 – 8 hours of sleep every day can result in the shift in your Natural hormonal balance and possibly resulting in your body craving sugar and other quick carbs.

Therefore it’s very important to sleep if you want to fight your sugar craving. Because of this, it’s important to prioritize sleep if you want to combat your sugar cravings.

Choose Snacks Rich in High fiber, Carbohydrate and protein

Eating right is another way of fighting sugar cravings. Whenever we have excessive hunger in the mid-morning and late – afternoon take something rich instead of something high in sugar level.

Goodson said ” Fiber and protein slow down digestion, helping you full faster and stay full longer. Thus when they are paired together, they help stabilize blood sugar and energy levels, leaving you feeling satisfied.

At snack time consider string cheese and fruits, yogurt and berries, beef jerky and a granola bar, or even a high fiber peanut butter toast. The combination of This nutrient will help you ward off sugar cravings”.

Eat Rich Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the best ways to combat sugar craving. There’s an old phrase that says, Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper; or basically, eat Breakfast like you are rich. Why? Because those who start their day with a complete breakfast of high-fiber carbohydrates,(like oats, 100% whole grain bread, and fruit) and high-quality protein (like lean meat, eggs, dairy foods) start the day with stable blood sugar.

Typically people that eat more in the morning crave less at night and do a better job controlling their portion sizes. So, start the day with an egg and veggie omelet with whole-grain toast and fruit, or make a bowl of oatmeal and top it with Greek yogurt, berries, and nuts,” says Goodson.

Instead of taking things high in sugar; Exercise regularly, get enough sleep and eat rich food to balance Your body and make you look healthy.


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