Walmart Weighted Goods Settlement – What are the Awards of this Settlement?

The Walmart weighted goods settlement was a result of a complaint that was laid against the retailer by customers that the retailer had been overcharging consumers for certain goods that were charged for the sale.

Walmart Weighted Goods Settlement
Walmart Weighted Goods Settlement

According to the complaint that was laid by the consumers, Walmart put weighed goods that were close to their expiry dates on sale. However, some customers found that the final price that they were charged did not align with the advertised price.

Walmart Weighted Goods Settlement

The weighed goods in question include perishable walmart packaged foods like chicken, fish, beef , and pork. These goods are actually sold per unit of weight.

According to the lawsuit, these items were advertised at a reduced price and then when these items were ordered, the final price did not reflect the advertised price, often by a dollar or so.

The class-action lawsuit accused walmart of engaging in deceptive sales tactics since at least 2015. “Consumers are provided with an item’s unit price in addition to its overall price as a tool to help them make informed purchasing decisions,” the complaint said.

According to the Class action lawsuit, the extra dollar that was approximately added to each sale generated a lot of millions for walmart. Therefore, the advertisers were decribed as unfair, deceptive and unconscionable. The complaint also claimed that the action carried out by Walmart violated the Federal Trade commision that that prohibits deceptive pricing.

In August 2020, both parties agreed to the weighted goods action class settlement.

Although Walmart administration no wrong doing under the terms of the agreement, they agreed to pay the summer of $9.5 million to end the litigation. Walmart also agreed to change the way it labels its food items.

Who is Eligible to Benefit from this Settlement

The people eligible for this settlement include U.S consumers who between February 7th 2015 and August 26th 2020 purchased weughyex goods from walmart. To be eligible for this settlement, the weighted goods final sales price must not have been accurate reflected. The food items included in this settlement include beef, poultry, fish, and other types of packaged foods that were marked with unit pricing.

What are the Awards of this Settlement?

These are the prices awarded for anyone who is eligible for this settlement.

  • Class members who cannot present proof of purchase can claim you to $10
  • People who can present a receipt but cannot present the packaging showing the overcharge are eligible to $40
  • The award for the members of the class who can provide both the receipt and the packaging that shows the overcharge is not limited.
  • Members of the class will receive a portion of the settlement that depends on the number of valid claims that were filled.

No proofs of payment are required for this settlement, but members who can provide proofs are eligible for a higher settlement sum.

How to File a Claim

Claims can be submitted via the official website of this settlement, www.Walmartgoods, but unfortunately, the deadline for submision of claims has long passed,so no claims can be submitted now.

Important Dates for This Settlement

These are the important dates concerning this settlement. With them, you can also know if you fall within the class of this settlement or when to expect your rewards

  • The class period falls between February 7, 2015 – August 26th 2020. I.e you will not qualify for this class if you purchased your goods before or after this date.
  • The deadline to exclude yourself from this settlement or object to this settlement is November 4th
  • The deadline to submit a claim is January 8 2021
  • The final approval hearing was on march 10, 2021
  • The mailing award check began on May 6th, 2022

These are the details of the Walmart weighted goods settlement.



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