WAEC Examination Checker – 2021/2022 WAEC Examination Result Checker Free

I welcomed everyone to this wonderful topic WAEC Examination Checker. I have come to understand that students normally find it very difficult to check their results after writing their waec exams. Well, this is not new stuff because I was also a victim of this same thing, after I wrote my way exam and when I notice that the results are out.

I said to myself, let me check the result all by myself because as of then I have no money on me to check it out at any computer center. As of then, I don’t even know the waec official website not until I searched google for an answer. That is where I came across a post on how to check waec results, today I am returning the favor through writing an article on it.

WAEC Examination Checker
WAEC Examination Checker

WAEC Examination Checker

Some people don’t have the money or time to go to the computer center in other to check for their results. Some out there don’t know waec official website to check their result but all the same because here in this article there are lots, I will be telling you about how you can check your waec result.

For those that do not know the official website of waec, I am also going to mention it inside the article for you. The process to check your waec result is easy, the waec examination checker, not an app is the waec website itself.

The amazing thing about checking your result is that you can check your waec result that is of 2019, 2018, and even 2017. But as for this year 2020, you can’t check it because the exam has not been written and no result set for this year.

Before you can check your waec result that of this year 2020, you have to write the exam and the result most is processed or out before you can check it. With these, I want us to move over to the next paragraph which says the waec portal.

WAEC Portal

The WAEC portal you see here is not talking about any other thing. It is simply talking about the waec website. The website is all you need for you to check your waec result and if you are checking it online using the website, it is totally free. WAEC website is www.waecdirect.org which is the official website. But there are also other waec websites out there but you can only use the one I have mentioned here to check your result by reading through this post “WAEC Examination Checker”.

WAEC Scratch Card

A lot of us don’t know about the waec scratch card. For those of us that do not know about the scratch card, here we go. The waec scratch card is a card made of plastic that has a scratch patch at the backside of it that contains a pin. This pin is required in other to access the waecdirect service. That now takes us to the final paragraph.

How Can I Check My WAEC Result

Still discussing on WAEC Examination Checker. For those who are writing the WAEC exam now and when the result is released, you can check yourself. The following steps that I will be providing down here will be of a good guide to you.

  • The very first step to take is to access your web browser and visit www.waecdirect.org on it.
  • Get hold of your WAEC ID card which is the plastic card given to you when writing the exam.
  • After entering the link, it will land you on the WAEC website homepage.
  • There, you have to enter your examination number at the left corner when you get to the homepage of the site.
  • Next is to enter the year in which you write the exam, for example, the 2020 WAEC exam. You just have to choose the year you write the exam.
  • Make a selection from the following by clicking the drop-down arrow “Private candidate results” or “school candidate results”.
  • There is a box that requires your pin, you just have to type in your PIN and that’s all.
  • Lastly, the final box. It requests for your serial No, all you do is to type in the serial no in your ID card and when you are done, click the submit button.

Doing and following all these steps, you will find it easy to check your WAEC result without stressing yourself or going to a computer center and it is free. Now, we are done with WAEC Examination Checker.


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