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“Voice Translate App” If you are a traveler, it possible you must face language barriers during your trip. This is one of the biggest challenges when traveling to new countries or even working for a large company. If you know English, it will be much easier for you more than 20% of the world’s people know it well.

Voice Translate App
Voice Translate App

It will be very difficult for you to a traveler to land you can’t hear their language without an interpreter. That is why am here to give you the fast mobile service the voice translates app.

Voice Translate App

Voice translate app is one of the modern and newest applications that is made for instant voice translation. The app helps quickly to translate your voice message into text and translate it into the language you want.

You can also speak on the phone and it will translate your voice to another language. It is supported by 177 languages. In addition to voice, you can translate images, screenshots, and more. The app can be used offline after downloading the language packages over the connection.

Google Translate

The Google translate app is a free language app that can be downloaded from Android and ios devices. This language learning platform offers access to instant translations to one form various languages, so users will have a way to communicate.

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iTranslate Voice App

the iTranslate is the leading translation and dictionary app. the app help in easily translating of text, websites, or start a voice to voice conversations in over 100 languages. This app also offers translations offline or by placing a camera on a foreign language.   Go to the Google App store to download the app.

Voice Translate Pro

Voice Translate Pro is a voice-to-voice translation. They offer instantly speak 10+ languages. You can download it from your App Store on your iPhone.

TripLingo Voice Translate App

TripLingo helps you sound like a local as well as helps you seamlessly adapt to the culture. You will first start by choosing a destination and downloading the pack for your desired spot.

For example, if you’re heading to Spain, you’ll have a voice translator that will translate your voice into Spanish, an image translator, a selection of key Spanish phrases and when to say them, a Wi-Fi dialer so you can make calls from abroad and even a section with tipping, safety and cultural norms to ensure you’ll blend right in.

How to Download

You have to visit Google Play to get it there. The downloading fees are free.


VoiceTra is easy to use and also has a user-friendly interface. Not only can you translate your own thoughts and phrases, but you can also check to see if the result is right.

So, you will not only improve your language skills but also learn something new and get impressions from another trip abroad.

The features of VoiceTra are that you can connect to the application with your conversation partner and start a conversation. The translation direction switches automatically, depending on who is speaking at the moment.



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